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  1. That's great to hear. Maybe change in Cast is what Mike said and I misunderstood. Thanks. It was fabulous! Update *It was Celestial Strings that we seen the last show.
  2. We seen Soulbound on the September 22nd sailing. Mike said that our sailing was the last time it was going to be seen. It was a Fabulous show! The cast move around the lounge, but it will not interfere with your viewing pleasure or their performance.
  3. I'm sorry. Just came back to this page. Thanks Loonbeam for giving Omar's email. :)
  4. I sent Omar an email a few days ago and he responded that he was Hacked. He said he is still in business and he's working on the new website. We rented golf carts from him in May and have them reserved again for September. Great guy!
  5. Hi. So sorry you didn't feel well during your cruise...hopefully you were able to enjoy some of it.:( We're doing this cruise in December...this is our first 4 day cruise. Do you remember what night Elegant night was? Would like to find out so I can figure a couple things out :) Thanks a Bunch :)
  6. Woo Hoo! Welcome back to your review, Kendra! I understand laptop issues, I just got my laptop back with a new hard drive installed :( Your review has been Amazing...thank you so much for such a thorough playback of your vacation! I told Kyle I'd love to follow you guys on the next cruise...ya'll do So Much! When we were at OSJ, we wanted to go to EL Morro...we walked along the wall on the trail called the Paseo del Morro. This walk follows along the city wall to below El Morro fort. After the 3/4 mile walk we discovered that you can NOT enter the fort this way...upset, we turned around and walked back into the city...we did not realize you couldn't access the fort...I just read online, however, that beginning October 2015 (yea, we just missed it) this same trail will have access to the fort. Maybe someone who recently visited can confirm this. Thanks for the detailed pictures of the fort since we missed it this time...again. Our goal for our OSJ visit next November will be to Find El Morro...LOL
  7. Hi, Kendra. I'm following your review! I check back several times a day for an update...I know how busy life can be and appreciate the time you've taken to do this awesome review! Again, so nice to get the chance to cruise with you and Jim. It was nice to meet and chat with your sister and her husband, too :) We're open to reunion cruises, no matter how long it takes to actually happen. It took 8 years to reconnect with Michelle and Andrew!
  8. Oh, people are definitely reading your review, Holly. Almost 28,000 views! Reading, just not commenting. Carry on, girl...this is an amazing review :) We're heading back to St. Thomas again in 2016. Since we took a ferry over to St. John the last two visits, I think we're going to hang out in St. Thomas. Just not sure what we want to do yet.
  9. I'll wait and be surprised with everyone else ;) It was such a crazy week, if you showed me, I just forgot. ((Hugs))
  10. Continuing to Love your review, Holly. Oh, I am missing this cruise, too. Beautiful islands and friends~old and new! I can't wait to see your favorite photo! However, you have So many breathtaking photos!
  11. Oh, I totally agree, Jim. I made sure to buy some this cruise, too. I think they Let you smuggle them on purposely cause the jokes on us as to how gross they are. LOL. I was planning on sharing with Holly and Dave since they hadn't tried them and after I took one sip, I left them in the cabin drawer. Next cruiser may or may not had the chance to try them.
  12. Holly, Holly, Holly.... I'm speechless... Your pictures are Amazing! It makes me happy to relive this cruise through your review. Sending Love & ((Hugs))
  13. Omg, Holly... I started to panicked when they said they were going to start boarding and you and M were outside... I looked at Dave standing there with the luggage and camera equipment... I told him I felt bad he had to stand there with everything while we started to board, but he said he had to wait for you anyhow. I loved how the carnival security man would come back to us to keep us informed. Lol... yeh, you getting busted taking pictures...just meet you and the next I know you were already getting in trouble!! (I just didn't get caught ;) )
  14. "The group who were stuck in Miami were supposed to fly through Charlotte and their schedule was between 1 and 2 hours behind ours. I can’t remember exactly what happened, but there was a miscommunication between the airline and the pilots, causing pilots to be late on what I believe was their first leg of the trip, thus causing them to miss their connecting flight from Charlotte to San Juan. This is where I forget the details, whether they flew to Charlotte and caught a flight to Miami instead or if they got a flight directly to Miami from their airport of origin. Either way, they were in Miami when they were supposed to be in San Juan. This is definitely a very rocky start to a highly anticipated vacation for all of us. I don’t know what the others were thinking, but I was beginning to wonder if this was foreshadowing for a bad cruise experience. Please, I sure was hoping not." HI, HOLLY!! So excited to see you started your review! I'm Loving All your pictures and, of course, the detailed review... Yes, Holly, it was the first leg of the trip that was messed up. The flight crew in Detroit was told to arrive for a 9 am flight and it was supposed to be a 6:40am flight. Airlines contacted the crew and we "patiently" waited for their arrival to our terminal. We weren't too nervous about the crew being late because we knew we had almost a 1 1/2 hour layover once we landed in Charlotte. Well, the crew was over an hour late and then we started to Panic...Would our flight make it in time for the connecting flight to Puerto Rico? When we arrived in Charlotte we got off the plane and rushed to our terminal...only to find out that Our flight to Puerto Rico had already left! Passengers were all in a panic rushing to the service counter to find connecting flights...some were able to catch a connecting flight within the hour. We were put on a connecting flight to Miami arriving at 2pm instead of a flight going to Puerto Rico. Once in Miami, we were told the flight to Puerto Rico would be 9pm! We found an earlier flight to PR and put our name on stand by. Luckily, we were called last minute, boarded the plane and arrived in PR at 7:15pm. Although we should have arrived in PR at 1:23pm and got there at 7:15pm, I'm just glad we flew in the day prior! Keep up the EXCELLENT review, Holly!!:)
  15. Okay....I totally missed a lot of the fish you guys seen at Sugar Beach/Jalousie Beach! Excellent pictures! I'm sticking with you guys next cruise we are on together! Your adventures are Great! I Did see two cuttlefish, though...my underwater camera was having issues and I didn't get very good shots even when I did see fish..Problem solved though...I went out and bought the Tough like you have for our next cruise...LOL! Continuing to enjoy your review:)
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