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  1. Thanks so much for the menus I can see 1 New Zealand wine, rest looks pretty similar to what we are used to on RCI. Thanks for all the information.
  2. Thanks so much hope you enjoyed Ho Chi Minh we have been a few times before so we will just wander around when we go. The menus were requested by my son (22) so the parties and bars are his main concern 🙂 Packed and repacked over the weekend 5 days to go. Tank you so much for this.
  3. Hi I would love to see a MDR or bar menu if you get a chance . How has the weather been? Just packing now. enjoying your posts Michelle
  4. thanks and thanks for the information, is there a page in the daily with restaurant times.
  5. When you went to C'est La Vie did you have to pay to go up, I booked and got an email saying we had to buy a ticket?
  6. Looking forward to the pictures etc before we board to do the reverse on the 22nd
  7. Hi all, Just wondering if anyone has used the ground transport from Sydney Airport to the ship. I just went to book it and then realized it is $62 per person, as there are three of us that's $186 while a cab would be maximum $70 do you get something special on the ground transport?
  8. It appears that RCCL have decided to do very short tours with the Mariner of the Seas just going to Korea and not Japan they have replaced the 14 day trip with 3 5 day very similar short trips. The voyager which is also in China returns to Australia on the 24th of October has a lot of days at Sea. RCDale why bother replying if all you can do is be nasty, no RCCL has nothing to do with the Costa Ship sinking but it was very hard for us to book another cruise and now this has happened, if you have never sunk on a cruise ship I guess you will never understand. Looked for other cruises around the same time would you believe the only one is a Costa Cruise I don't think I could do that. Have only slept 6 hours worried about what to do.
  9. Um not sure what is so vague or hard to understand if you look under my signature you can see the next cruise I was booked on was Mariner of the Seas on the 27th October, and after I have all my airfares and accommodation both pre and post booked and paid for they have cancelled the cruise. Everyone else managed to understand The have offered to change it to the cruise on the 8th October, problem with that is that you cannot see Beijing for the week before that as its China National Week and everything in Beijing will be really crowded. Thy have offered us a $200 on board credit, that will not even cover the airfare change fees. I don't know what to do now.
  10. Thanks Royal Carribean after finally getting the guts to go back on a cruise after being on the Concordia when It sinks, you cancel my cruise I have all my airfares booked my accommodation both before and after booked and paid for everything I am devastated.
  11. Accidents can and do happen. It's not so much that Schettino "f...ed up" -- it's his actions immediately following the mishap that most people have a HUGE problem with. There have been NO reports of Schettino helping just ONE passenger on that ship before he bailed for dry land. What an insult to his crew -- especially British dancer Rose Metcalf who was one of the last to get off the ship after helping countless passengers, putting them ahead of her as everyone scrambled to get off. And the Hungarian musician who paid with his life in order to save others. Not to mention the other crew members and passengers who met their untimely deaths. There have been many accounts of bravery and stories of passengers and crew members with boundless courage. Not a single one of them involves Schettino. The moment this personification-of-spinelessness fell into a lifeboat and refused to get back, watching his ship sink while safe on dry land, was the moment Schettino became the BLOODIEST WIMP of a captain the world has ever known! SO SO SO SO SO WELL SAID
  12. Esprit it wasnt so much the getting off but also not one person sighting him or his officers helping us passengers get off, not one and I have spoken to a lot of my other survivors, he was too busy getting chnaged to make sure no one knew he was the captain.
  13. Both Benji & Emily are incredible people and whilst I havent read the book yet I know it will be incredible I remember talking to them in the queue for the toilets in Porta San Stefano the morning after the accident. Emily has also written some music as well. I can totally attest to what the embassy said to the Americans as we with numerous americans in the Garden Inn they had nothing and were told to find there own way to Rome, the told them to get money wired from home but they had no ID to pick it up, one american lady had some cash and was giving some to other americans, a Russian man paid for a cab for some of the other americans. When I rang the Australian Consulate it was unattended and the phone transferred me thorugh to Canberra in Australia, as soon as I mentioned the Concordia they put me through to a special person she took all our details found our passport numbers asked if she could do anything for us at home, and said the embassy would call us. The head if the embassy rang us within 15 minutes, I forgot to mention that they also sent us a comb as I needed a brush but they couldnt find one in the embassy and some warm shawls as it was freezing and they jnew we didnt have much clothes. It was a day I was very glad I was Australian.
  14. Spent ages the other morning writing an item for the one year anniversary of the accident for cruise critic I couldnt come at doing any media and it doesnt seem to have survived the cut onto their one year item :mad:
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