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  1. I enjoyed reading your detailed report. How was the renewal of your vows? Sad that the floral arrangement was already turning brown, hope the rest of the package was better!
  2. Good for you to venture out and cruise. You can spend as much time with people as you like, or go to your cabin for some quiet time. I find that the anytime dining worked better for me. I like the flexibility of eating when I wanted, not having to be at the dining room at a specific time. And, as others have stated, people often book specialty dining or make other arrangements. I find that I prefer tables of no more than 6, as it gets to be too many people to converse with. Take advantage of your Roll Call, a good place to connect ahead and then meet on board. I loved my Baltic cruise and am sure you will, tool
  3. How refreshing to read your trip report! I love the detail and your great sense of humor. Lucky passengers that you meet up with- I have a feeling you bring out the best of those around you. Thank you for sharing! And Happy New Year!
  4. So you're not worried about having to eat cat food in your retirement, but you are worried that you may not like an inside cabin? ;) Glad you have your priorities straight! Do as others have suggested, try an inside and see for yourself. I booked a 3-night to see if I would find an inside tolerable and was upgraded to a verandah. I tend to just sleep and change clothes in my cabin, so I think I'd be fine. And, a good reason to get out and keep busy (or just enjoy sitting on the deck or in the Crow's Nest or Library or wherever!).
  5. Yes! Love that, too! I order the shrimp bruschetta for the appy, so yummy!:p
  6. On the Westerdam in September, there was a meeting time for Mah Jong players. My friend went and the game played was Chinese style, not American. Sure it depends on who shows up.
  7. So loved your wonderful review! I am also impressed with your quick disembarkation and trip home. You and your DW certainly know how to travel well.
  8. I, too, can heartily recommend Hotel Estherea. It's a lovely hotel, close to much sightseeing, and easy to board the tram. I've stayed there on my past two trips to Amsterdam.
  9. You'll find the cancellation policy attached to your booking information. Best to read it now and get in touch with your TA or HAL. I had to cancel 30 days prior to cruise and immediately was credited 50% and all port fees and taxes. My travel insurance covered other half.
  10. So true, though a give and take is a nice balance. I always am amazed at those that talk, talk, talk without ever asking the others a question. They love the sound of their own voice, I suppose:p
  11. You're so right, one needs to continue to advocate for oneself if the problem persisted. One would hope that one complaint would be enough, but not so in this case. So sorry that this colored your experience, even though you made the most of it.
  12. With a special medical need, I would be impressed that HAL was taking care of your request ahead of time. With prepaying, and you taking your invoice with you, just in case, you shouldn't have any problem with not having the requested item available to you. To me, that' excellent customer service.
  13. Another possibility is the Bengal Lounge at the Empress. They serve an excellent curry buffet (with different meats or seafood featured daily) as well as a menu one can choose other entrees. You will have stepped into the rich furnishings of India during the British Colonial period. I love it and always go whenever I'm in Victoria. The tea is extremely expensive and crowded, but if you'd like little sandwiches and scones and the experience, then go for it. I much rather enjoy the quiet ambience of the Bengal Lounge!
  14. When invited to any special event onboard and not sure who is included, just call or stop by the front desk and ask. They've always accomodated me when I was traveling with first-time cruisers.
  15. Thanks for sharing your well-written report! So glad the acupuncture helped your sister's migraine!
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