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  1. Have a blast and be sure to check out The Mickey Utley Band playing at the Q Smokehouse !
  2. Does anyone know if this can be arranged once on board or if it must be requested prior to embarkation. Thank you!
  3. I am on Bliss next week and received that notice this morning from NCL advising several port time changes- effective Jun 2
  4. If I am understanding this correctly- if I wait until day 2 to upgrade- and use my 250 minutes first- then I only have to pay the upgrade for the remaining 5 days? As opposed to upgrading first day on board and paying for all 7? Is that correct? thank you!!
  5. Thank you! I just screen shot your instructions! Appreciate it so much.
  6. I read somewhere on these boards that you could apply the 250 minute internet perk ($125 value) towards an unlimited internet plan- however when I asked NCL they said no you canโ€™t ... is that something that can only be done once you board the ship? Or has the policy changed? thanks in advance for your help
  7. Thank you Hallux- I wasn't aware of that- that's fantastic- I really appreciate the info- Thank you!
  8. Thank you Roger 001- I appreciate your reply :)
  9. Has anyone used Walkie Talkies on The Bliss? If so how did they work? Thank you in advance -
  10. Yes they can be randomly tested at anytime.. not sure if breathalyzer or blood -
  11. My boyfriend is in one of the bands currently on The Bliss. He just told me that today- .04 when working and .05 when off.
  12. I was advised today by an agent at NCL that the rate is going up May 12 to $15.
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