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  1. This is correct. I booked another cruise at the end of March for a 12 day southern and we received $200 OBC.
  2. My girlfriend and I just recently did the LOS from Miami and flew into Ft. Lauderdale and took a shuttle to Miami. SO NOT WORTH THE HASSLE. For the $200 you'll save PP flying into Ft lauderdale it isn't worth the headache, plus you'll end up spending that much going from FLL to Miami and from the Cruise Port back to FLL. We decided that if we ever end up doing another cruise out of Miami, we will also be flying into Miami. I highly suggest the Port Of Miami Holiday Inn! Right across the street from Bayside Marketplace and it's an extremely nice hotel!
  3. My Girlfriend and I just completed our first cruise last Saturday on the Liberty. It's a beautiful ship and I loved the itinerary! Have a great trip! :D
  4. I have to say this was one of the better excursions we did on our first cruise. We were on Passion Island on Thursday and had an amazing time. The food was great! The best guacamole I have EVER had. The fish and BBQ chicken was very tasty as well. The beach was great, white sand, 5 shades of blue/turquoise water. Alexandro was a great tour guide, within 10 minutes of getting on the bus he knew all 55 cruisers names and remembered them for the entire day. He was very entertaining. The only thing I was disappointed with was the length of time spent on the island. We had 3 hrs to eat, swim, and drink as much as we could. The ride to and from is quite lengthy clocking in around 45 minutes each way which included a AC coach ride and a tender to the island. Overall we couldn't have asked for a nicer beach to be on and highly recommend this excursion to anyone that is considering it!:D
  5. Thanks everyone! Im not too picky when it comes to cigarette brands as Im from Canada so they won't have my brand anyways ;) In regards to pricing..WOW:eek: I pay $93 for a carton of cigs (8 packs) in Canada. What a relief. Thanks again!
  6. I have no intention of wanting this thread turning into another smoking thread, Im just wondering if RCI sells cigarettes on the ship and how much? Thanks!
  7. Funny thing is, there is more mis-information and crud in those avenues you listed then anything else. My girlfriend is a registered naturpathic nutrionist, algae...which is "Greens" is a supplement for bone structure and is an anti-oxidant. ;)
  8. Have a great trip! I'm starting to feel "Cruiseitis Fever" coming on. We leave thursday mid-day!
  9. My first cruise is next week and Im quite happy with dressing up. I actually went out and bought my first suit for the occasion. Sadly my job nor my social life requires me to wear one and the amount of weddings or special events I attend don't justify having one, but I figure with the cruise being a new experience, it may be nice to soak it all up in and get handsome ;)
  10. Im right there with you. We leave for Miami in 6 days!!
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