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  1. Thank you for your report. Leaving on the Escape next Sunday - not Canada/NE but your report was very exciting and lovely to read.
  2. All of the menus were "updated" this past June/July. I am assuming that Pinchos Tapas was as well but I cannot find a copy of the new menu. I have stalked role calls, read and reread search after search - no luck. Does anyone have the updated Pinchos Tapas menu since the "specialty dining menu increase" of June/July 2019? Thanks in advance.
  3. As we are doing a poker hand in the cabin crawl, I have organized a pub crawl Bingo (hook up a drink with a person's name on the crawl - win prizes for Bingos). 5 bars - 20 minutes to half hour each. On the Escape - we are crawling the 8th floor. DBH, 5 oclock somewhere, Mojitos, Cellars and Tobacco Road. I did reach out to let them know but got the canned response that Pub crawls weren't offered anymore. I'll reach out with our coordinators on the ship, when we get there. As the crawl isn't til day 3, Im sure they'll appreciate the chance to prepare. I'll let you know how it goes.
  4. Thanks MK! We have actually split our two sea days : First sea day is MG and cabin crawl (with time for lunch or a smaller group of LRC in between). Our slot pulls and pub crawls are on the second sea day (Tuesday). Is scheduled for the pm - check. I like the idea of the portable phone option. Thankfully the suites we are seeing are not in the Haven proper :) Less panic-inducing, but the cabin host is definitely letting the Haven Team know. I remember from the last (much smaller) group I hosted that they did reach out to me. Will be ready for them again :) And yes, yes, yes to those vacation hero cards! Thanks so much!
  5. Think I have worked out a system that will work - (dividing group into smaller groups, staggered start, with cabin hosts in the first group. Cabin hosts stay at their cabin until all groups have passed through then join the last group, identified by the presence of the coordinator (me) and continue to finish the rest of the crawl. There is a map/instructions for efficient means of accessing each cabin in order and bringing everyone back to starting point, to wrap up poker game. Start and stop points are at a lounge so that those who are waiting (for their staggered start or for the last groups to finish) have a place to mingle and a way to occupy their time.) Still open to any and all suggestions.
  6. Hey all! Our Roll Call has a very active group (woot woot) and is running several events, including a cabin crawl. We got a much larger "signup" than I expected - which is awesome - but lots of people make cabin crawling challenging. We are a group of 40 for the crawl. We are seeing 5 types of cabins and playing a "poker" game during the crawl. Any suggestions on how to stagger the crawl, so 40 people don't descend on one cabin at a time, the cabin "show-ers" don't miss out on the "crawling" and we can get everyone their playing card at each cabin? We are starting the crawl at DBH and may end it there as well, given the placement of the cabins themselves. Thanks for all the feedback - I'm playing with some ideas, but figure there is experience out there - why not take advantage of that wisdom.
  7. Pandot

    Boat ride

    We are using these guys. Have been good to work with so far and located at Dockyard. (May be associated with the group Charles listed above). https://fantasea.bm/tours-activitieslinks/#Inventory/5286
  8. I guess I could give up Blue Hole park but as it is the only thing I (mommy, planner, organizer, birthday girl) want to do - I think we will stick with it lol.
  9. Thanks Horseman! Looking forward to seeing you on board! That's what my gut was telling me too - but I am no expert :)
  10. Hi all, As the title states - looking for some expert (or experienced) opinions. In on the Escape in early October. Taking free ferry to St George then bus to Blue Hole Park. I really want to see and swim in the blue hole. While I know that there is a small beach in that park, my family also wants some more beach time. So I figured back to St Georges with our bus tickets - then Tobacco or Clearwater. We will be travelling by bus (mostly) and want to be back to St Georges for the last ferry (either free or paid - doesn't matter which). Any opinions on which one? (We are hitting the south shore beaches the next day - looking for something to make a day of the East side of the islands the first day). Any and all feedback on transportation, amentities, timing and the beaches themselves are greatly appreciated. Thanks all.
  11. Thanks very much for your review. We are sailing on the Escape to Bermuda in 6 weeks. Really appreciate you input and perspective. Glad you had a good time!
  12. There was talk at one point of being able to order a few of the apps ala carte at the bar but I don’t think this was sustained for long. It’s 15 dollars for app/meal and dessert. Nothing says you can’t order more than one of any of those categories except that portion size is gigantic.
  13. Oh no Kim! Good luck with the surgery and recovery! Get well soon!
  14. Montreal airport is in the middle of the west of the island, a highly residential area with little to “do”. The excursion is stopping at a sugar shack (woohoo Maple syrup everything) and in old Montreal. The transfer is just that - 3 hours from Quebec to Montreal. Not a bad price for a 3 hour drive.
  15. Thanks for your awesome review. Haven’t seen anyone who has eaten at Pinchos since the price changes. Do you by chance remember how the prices have changed there from the original menu that never seemed to change before? thanks a million for any feedback.
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