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  1. All I know is, since I got vaccinated, my cellphone is getting great reception now! Just a coincidence I'm sure.
  2. Which makes me wonder if they are heavily leaning in that direction, hence the reason they did away with the 12 hour requirement.
  3. Holy crap, seriously??? I got extremely fortunate that I got in and then Cook county open up 25,000 appointments, so then my wife got in as well! If it's not too personal, which burb are you in?
  4. There's always one naysayer in the beginning. This way when they acquiesce, he can say that he tried and look good to board members and anti-vaxxers.
  5. Mine's easy, they're my initials. YEARS ago when I first logged on to the site, they allowed people to use their real names then, which I did. I finally changed to my initials a few years ago to comply to current rules, even though no Host ever asked me to.
  6. And they closed their borders to the US because they assumed we'd be the issue. They obviously needed to look inward and not outward.
  7. No one knows yet, but every US port is being affected.
  8. I'm perfectly ok with this. When I'm in new ports, I tend to do ship excursions anyway. And my next cruise will be entirely brand new ports for me. Plus there are excursions you can book that allow for shopping as well.
  9. They're aware, they just don't care nor do they think they'd ever get infected. I have family members (well, by way of marriage) who got mild cases of it, but still have lingering affects. They still think it's all overblown and just left media hyping it up. Meanwhile they still can't taste much of anything.
  10. Right now this is a strong tropical storm. If the CDC extends the order past Nov. 1, I expect to see a category 6 hurricane. (Yeah, a new classification would be needed...)
  11. HE may have, but the federal government and CDC has final word. Trust me, he'll blink if proof of vaccinations are required by cruise lines in order to start cruising again.
  12. If the CDC extends it, cruise lines will fight back HARD. People are being vaccinated. Cruising can be be safely done once enough people have been vaccinated and the entire ship full of people (absolutely no less than 100%) are vaccinated. Now the CDC has given the cruise lines a chance to do what they need to do to get ready and, IMO, I think they're damn close. There are still some logistics that need to applied and they need to either "crap or get off the pot" in terms of vaccinated passengers and crew. I truly believe the majority of those who want to cruise have
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