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  1. Then you might as well cancel now. IMO, it'll be a guarantee that you'll be required to wear a mask part of the time at bare minimum. And you really should be concerned about catching it if you refuse to wear a mask. Ask Herman Cain how that went for him...
  2. No idea if anyone saw this article, but it's quite interesting: https://stm.sciencemag.org/content/early/2020/09/21/scitranslmed.abd5487 The "dumbed down" version (which I found quite helpful! ): https://www.yahoo.com/lifestyle/kids-better-immune-response-covid19-compared-adults-study-173710433.html
  3. In answer to your questions: 1. Yes. BUT I'd have myself checked out prior to leaving for my cruise to make sure. As everyone should do nowadays, for your safety and others'. To not do so would be inconsiderate and possibly dangerous. (Odds are, though, you'd be fine.) 2. Nope. Nor could they without your permission. Because in doing so, that could put you at greater risk. IF they forced it, I'd want all sorts of assurances that me and my wife would be safe wherever they moved us and that we'd be WELL compensated for the inconvenience. 3. They're goin
  4. Ok, but why? Especially if it helps to ensure people are safe.
  5. There is no medical condition (I have a caveat that follows) that creates a breathing issue when one wears a mask. It's all in their head. My neurosurgeon is asthmatic and he has zero issues in wearing a mask when he operates. A friend of mine has COPD, they have zero issues in wearing a mask. And if there IS some magical medical condition that supposedly prevents that person from wearing a mask, they better have proof of it from a doctor before boarding a ship. The only legitimate reasons for someone not wearing a mask is that they're under 2 years old and someone who is uncon
  6. It's simple math. The current number of deaths stands at 204,115 out of 7,000,612 cases. That's 2.92%. It's 204115/7000612 = X/100. You need to figure out what the X is. To get get X you multiply 204115 by 100. Giving you 20411500. Then you divide 20411500 by 7000612. The full percentage is actually 2.915673658245879%, but I rounded up.
  7. That bolded part really bothers me as a future cruiser. I'd rather they require vaccinations in order for people to cruise, if only for people's saftety.
  8. This is not a political post, though some might think it is. With that said, tonight on MSNBC's All In with Chris Hayes, there was a great Dr. Fauci interview. A lot of positivity, especially for things to most likely be back to semi-normal by 3rd quarter of next year. This is based on when he expects a vaccine to be ready. I'm sure the interview will be up on MSNBC's website of Friday, though there might be some snippets on there right now.
  9. I usually forget when I leave the house, which is why I now have a box of masks in my car. It DOES happen, but it's easily resolved by having a sign on the inside of your door in your cabin reminding you the measures.
  10. Some real good news. IF everything plays out as the article says, there's a very good possibility that by 1st quarter of 2021 that vaccine with be available.
  11. When people are being kicked off ships and left behind at ports, people will start following the rules. If they're "locked away" in their cabin for the remainder of the cruise, people will start following the rules. If you hit them in the pocketbook, people will start following the rules. The cruise lines will need to be extremely tough of their passengers. If they catch you breaking a rule, you get one more chance. They take your info by scanning your card and if anyone else in your group, whether it's one other or 10 other people, breaks the rules, every
  12. I'd say 75% FCC, especially if it's unambiguous. But I wholeheartedly agree with what the OP said!
  13. Completely the opposite for me. I hated Blu. I much prefer the main dining room. And while the spa facilities are nice, we weren't able to take full advantage of them because, on our cruise, it was always crowded. It was not an enjoyable experience for us. I really like Concierge, I do like the perks, plus location, location, location. I'd rather spend less money for the perks minus the spa and separate dining room. IMO, rather than make Blu the only option, they should give people the choice when booking where they want to dine. Then I might reconsider
  14. It's an assumption. And you know what they say when you assume...
  15. Been there once, and I was good with it. My wife and I are not "beach people". We usually meet up with a friend while in Cozumel and get a massage from her.
  16. The final bit of my refund should be hitting up in the next 5-7 business days. The taxes and fees. And then I'll have everything back or turned into FCC from 3 cruises. Two I cancelled well before final payment and one Celebrity canceled after final payment.
  17. Some very interesting research done on the virus: https://elemental.medium.com/a-supercomputer-analyzed-covid-19-and-an-interesting-new-theory-has-emerged-31cb8eba9d63
  18. Swine flu vaccine in 2009? Just guessing. I do know there were a few deaths because of it, but the odds of them figuring that out were extremely slim even if they took years to develop it. It was a very rare nerve disorder that affected something like 1 out of 10,000,000 people.
  19. "You can't fix stupid." ~ Ron White
  20. My wife and I would be in the second phase. She's over 70 and diabetic and I'm diabetic. And everything that's mentioned is pretty much how I saw things happening with who gets the vaccine first, etc.
  21. Promising news: https://www.nbcnews.com/health/health-news/covid-19-vaccines-reach-final-stages-who-will-be-first-n1239014
  22. IIRC, the shingles vaccine needs to be kept at -5° F. It's given pretty much ASAP once you request one.
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