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  1. I personally think so, but I also love staying in Old San Juan, for which many don't. This year the airfare was incredibly reasonable (I suspect because of the previous years' hurricane and their attempt to bring in tourists) and I found a great deal on a hotel in OSJ. Where we stayed (Casablanca), we could have technically walked to the port from there, BUT you'd need to go over cobble stone streets and a staircase. Not an easy walk if you have luggage. No idea about port transfers as we have done post cruise excursions, but the airport is not that far from the port.
  2. I was just about to post that! I was thisclose to booking that cruise, but the timing and price just wasn't right. Plus, with it being on RCI, I was less than enthused, but I really wanted to since it's STAR TREK.
  3. If we opted for the Classic Package perk when booking, can we still upgrade to the Premium Package when we get on board? This something we've done twice before, so I just want to make sure.
  4. I've flown out of SJU twice and both times my flight was around 3:00. We did post cruise excursions both times. The first time we got to the airport at noon and the line was extremely long, they finally had to move us and others to a priority line so we could make our flight. This year we also arrived at noon and breezed right on through and had to sit for 2 hours for our flight. You never know... I would definitely not book a flight earlier than noon. Period. Any earlier and you run the risk of missing your flight.
  5. For some reason, if I use hand sanitizer, I always end up getting a cold. I do not know what it is about hand sanitizer, but it does the opposite for me it seems. But I definitely wash my hands often. But in all my cruises (knock wood), I've never gotten a head cold.
  6. Celebrity can make $20 million in 2 cruises easily, they can clear that much in 3. So how many cruises do they have in a month? If they want to cover the cost and keep the movies, they could increase the price a mere $10 per cruiser for the year and still make more money than just getting rid of them. And if anyone is going to grouse about $20, then it's not about the $20. 😉
  7. Which is why everyone vacations differently. Everyone wants/expects/hopes their vacation is perfect. I'm glad for having options..... (I've heard that before, hmmmm)
  8. Great pictures! Thank you for sharing! I'm looking forward to being on board Equinox! I've head/read a lot of great things about it.
  9. Call me crazy, but I like having many options to choose from, even if I decide to choose none of them. Just because I choose none, that doesn't someone else will as well. They could be taking full advantage of free movies, etc. Now I could understand if the "perks" they eliminated cost Celebrity tons of money and they felt it wasn't worth the cost, but movies definitely do not (costs them next to nothing basically). Removing furniture and replacing it with smaller, unusable pieces (or not even replacing them at all!) costs them money, whereas if they just didn't remove/replace th
  10. Well, on the bright side, you know the "footstool" is waterproof.
  11. How are we now supposed to contact specific forum Hosts when we have a question? Been here for 16 years and I finally need to contact one!
  12. One should always remove their hat when dining anyway, even if you're at a McDonald's.... It's just common courtesy.
  13. My point was though that you should always check your booking as often as possible, regardless of how you book it.
  14. No, I didn't. While I have never taken a group cruise before, I have friends who have. In every case, they've been able to access their booking on the cruise line's website. So, unless Princess does it differently and even though it's a group cruise, each individual/cabin has its own booking number. People should have been able to check in on their booking by registering on Princess' website with no issues.
  15. Their Face Book page is up to date only in terms of posting memes.... As a HUGE Beatles fan, I'd love to see them.
  16. With rare exception, like with my upcoming cruise, I'll book through the cruise line directly. In this case, I got a great deal that Princess could not match, so I went with an online TA. Right after booking, and I mean within minutes, I signed on to Princess' website and registered. My booking was there and I started filling things out immediately. I took no chances. I'm also anal enough to check every single day to make sure my booking is still there.... But I also do that when I book directly through the cruise line. I hope everything works out for the OP and her fellow t
  17. Alaska Airlines or American. Either works. And, unless it's changed, use the washroom before landing! Last time I was flew into Vancouver, there were no washrooms between the time you get off the plane until after you've gone through customs. Something my wife discovered! And it's not a short walk....
  18. I had something similar happen on my second Alaskan cruise, but this was with Carnival. I had gotten a call for an upgrade to change to an extended balcony, which would have been great. Me being me, I jokingly said, you don't have any suites available? (I was in no way serious.) However, I was told they had 2 junior suites left that were available, but I could not be upgraded for free to those, I'd need to pay to upgrade. I was curious, so I asked. It cost me $200 extra. Total. Like you, I did not tell my wife. We were on that cruise to celebrate her 65th, so it
  19. Heck, why didn't check this before? There's a United flight out of MKE at 6:00am that makes one stop.... at O'Hare. It arrives in FLL at 11:47. There's an American flight that leaves at 5:23am that also makes one stop in Charolotte. It arrives at 12:03. You have options.
  20. This may not be ideal, but why not drive down to Chicago and fly out of Midway? Just rent a car one way the night before, drive the 3+ hours overnight, and catch the 5:30 am flight on 10/28. Yeah, it'll suck, BUT at least you know you can catch your cruise that way since it'll arrive in FLL at 9:30am. Just book it as a one way and change your flight back to a one way from FLL to MKE. You can even go through O'Hare, there are 4 flights that leave before 8:00am (2 with Spirit and 1 each with Jet Blue and United according to Kayak).
  21. Contact Princess and arrange transportation through them. That's the best thing you can do if you're unable to fly in the previous day or get an earlier flight. By getting transportation through Princess you're letting them know you'll be cutting it close and they should allow a later time to board. Plus you won't need to wait in line for a cab.
  22. If all else fails, do a self walking tour of the city! There's lots to see and plenty of shopping. Plus there's this place for a REALLY good burger too!
  23. I've booked through the cruise line and though a TA and I've never had an issue with either. My upcoming cruise was booked through a third party, but my booking number and all my info is showing up on Princess's website. As it has with my previous cruises with Carnival and Celebrity. My question is this though: Will I not be able to book excursions on Princess's website because I did not book through them? In the past it was never an issue with the other two cruise lines., so I hope it's not an issue when I go to book them when I'm able with Princess.
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