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  1. Wasn't my cruise for the first leg. Started in Hawaii, ended in Vancouver and the next cruise began in Vancouver.
  2. Yes. On my first Alaskan cruise there was a group of people who did just that. So unless something has changed since 2006, you can.
  3. It depends on which vaccine you're talking about though. AstraZeneca is well ahead of where they need to be. They'll be able to deliver its full order to both the US and UK by December, which is 400 million doses (60 million for the UK). No idea about Pfizer.
  4. Meaning there will be more than enough doses by spring, assuming everything passes and is approved by the FDA by, say, November/December.
  5. Here's the article: https://www.businessinsider.com/fauci-coronavirus-vaccine-likely-available-to-all-americans-in-2021-2020-8 My takeaway is this: IF the Oxford developed vaccine is viable, by spring the majority of American can be vaccinated. Mighty big "IF", but I seriously doubt a company like AstraZeneca is going to produce something to lose money.
  6. I don't get one, but only because it makes me violently ill when I do. BUT if it became a requirement to cruise, as well as having a Covid vaccine, I'd suck it up and do it. It's not just about me, it's about making sure others are protected as well.
  7. Honestly, I'd never do a cruise where all the stops were owned by the cruiseline. I've done exactly one cruise where one port was an island that Celebrity owned. We didn't get off the ship because it either just shopping or beach activities. Not what my wife and I like to do.
  8. Exactly, though the anti-vaxxers will try to work around it. I don't have any issues with a legally required vaccine, as long as it's safe and it's done to save lives.
  9. I'm ok with it. That, along with a vaccine and having to wear masks in highly populated areas are things I'm willing to do to cruise again.
  10. I'm also ok with an annual covid shot. Whatever it takes to make sure my wife and I are safe, that's what matters.
  11. IF everything goes well with the Oxford developed vaccine, and so far all the reports indicate that it is, AstraZeneca will have nearly 1 billion dose available by November 1. 400 million of which are going to the US and UK.
  12. Man I got really lucky with my cancelled cruise. I was notified by Celebrity on June 23rd that it was being cancelled. So I started making phone calls about my airfare which I booked through Celebrity, and the excursion I had booked. I found out during the phone call that United had already cancelled the flight on June 21st and I was issued an immediate refund! I'm still waiting for my FCC however.... but that's a different story for another time.
  13. The shot is probably a shot of Vodka.
  14. Well, that's one way to cull the herd I suppose.... (And yes, it's a joke.)
  15. From today: https://wgntv.com/morning-news/the-vaping-thing-is-much-worse-than-expected-dr-robert-murphy-answers-viewer-covid-19-questions-8-13/
  16. Another plus is knowing everyone on board most likely won't get sick.
  17. The one that takes over a week to get the results. It may not be 100%, but it's damn close. The one that's, at best, 80% accurate gives you results in less than 48 hours. I got that information from Dr. Robert Murphy, who is a professor of infectious disease at Northwestern University`s Feinberg School of Medicine and the executive director of The Institute for Global Health. He appears daily on the morning news on WGN in Chicago.
  18. Focusing on the part I highlighted in red: There are 2 tests. One you get back quickly, but is only about 80% accurate. Good example of its inaccuracy is what happened to Matthew Stafford when he had a false positive. The test that is 100% accurate takes many days to come back. So if they do want to test, they'll need to deal with the outcomes of passengers who get false positives and appropriately reimburse any and all losses. IMO, what they should do is have the passengers get tested by their own doctor prior to the cruise and have the passenger provide documentation upon check-in that they're covid free.
  19. A "dinner cruise" on the Spirit of Chicago is nothing at all like a real cruise..... plus the food sucks.
  20. So when did Chicago get a cruise port?? I've here my entire life and I never knew we had one!!!
  21. The current issues notwithstanding, I've never had any issues with Seattle. Love the city and it's a place my wife I would love to retire to one day.
  22. I know you didn't ask me, but I think so. I think by April actually.
  23. If it's the drug that was developed by Oxford, AstraZeneca is already in production. They expect to nearly 2 billion doses ready to go by mid-October. 400 million of which is earmarked to the US and UK. if it passes and the FDA approves, they'll be ready to go as soon as "the day after" approval.
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