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  1. Thanks for all the information. I appreciate you all taking the time to share. I feel more confident to give booking YC a shot.
  2. Seems like a lot of the new "Suite Experience" "ship within a ship" locations are putting everything at the front of the ship. While our family doesn't tend to be seasick under "normal" conditions (13 cruises under our belt), we have always booked middle or aft staterooms. I will also admit that on a half dozen occasions in "rougher" seas I have needed seasick medicine and my daughter has too. My recollection from walking around all those ships over the years is that the up and down at the front of the ship can be quite significant. Can anyone comment on their experiences with this? I wanted to book a YC stateroom Caribbean Cruise on the Meraviglia next Jan/Feb, but I am having 2nd thoughts. I mean, the restaurant, lounge, and stateroom are all right up there at the front of the ship. If seas were rough could it be we won't even use the YC? LOL Thanks, zenworks911
  3. I heard one more rumor that I wondered if someone could confirm and then I will quit. Someone said that the ship's captain is actually named Captain Morgan. Is that true?
  4. Someone said they have a cruise ship size "Ding King" and that it actually worked. Can anyone confirm? https://www.ebay.com/p/Ding-King-Do-It-Yourself-Dent-Repair-Kit/1773018601?iid=283360610667&chn=ps
  5. Seriously, don't count on the app, on Harmony, some stuff would show up on calendar one day and then be gone the next, leaving you to wonder if your reservation was cancelled or if you forgot to make one. I would print your reservation schedule just before cruise. Everyone in are party had same issues.
  6. I think I have a copy of it at home. I will try to get it for you. Don't trust the app, when you get onboard, get a hard copy of schedule from spa.
  7. We did self disembark and left room at 7:30am. We were in a taxi at 7:45am. This was Harmony of the Seas last week. However I am not sure if you can count on that. We took stairs and did the luggage valet. You would not qualify for luggage valet because your flight is before 11:30am (i believe that is the cut off time). The elevators were already very busy and full.
  8. No it didn't work, i tried, and I also asked at the help desk and they said it was discontinued. Your best bet is an iphone or internet plan. Someone mentioned google voice, not sure if that really works though, i didn't try.
  9. We were on Deck 14 aft with balcony's. Very nice cabins. If Possible, I would like to have been a bit more forward towards the elevators as we could feel the ship moving a bit more than we care for as we were pretty far back.
  10. This is correct and this does not have anything to do with Royal App. This is simply just using the normal text feature of an iPhone. The iPhone can be in Airplane mode and connected to the ships wifi. No you do not need an internet plan. It works for free.
  11. Yes, you can use it for free but it is quite fussy, expect some headaches connecting, but it does work. Try disabling wifi and reconnecting if it claims it can't connect. Also, expect the app to behave erratic, sometimes some features of the app work and sometimes they don't.
  12. You should be fine at 10 or 10:30am. I think the 2 hours thing is before all aboard. I would not push it in case something goes wrong. I would get there earlier in the day.
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