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  1. I apologize if this has been covered here, but I have read that on Pullmantur's Sovereign the dinner menu is the same each night, even though there are sufficiently many options for each course. Is it true? How many courses is a typical dinner menu, and how many options are there for each course? Also, where can I find a typical Pullmantur menu, please? Thank you in advance.
  2. Cunard/CWC said: "As always, we will be [...] listening carefully to our guests as we define this exciting new chapter of Queen Victoria". Great! So, please Cunard, listen carefully to many of your guests and leave the Chart Room where it is. Otherwise, removing a wonderful asset of the ship, as the Chart Room is, will be far from an exciting new chapter of Queen Victoria.:) ---- Sorry, I could not resist...:)
  3. It depends on each one's priorities, but Meteora is undoubtedly worth a visit. They are monasteries on top of huge, high and steep rocks, - hence their name ('suspended' in air). They have been built since at least the 14th century by monks, who wanted to avoid the all-increasing Turkish invasions. One only wonders how they managed to build them, with the limited means of that time, right over the abyss. An one of a kind spectacle.
  4. Very nice nod, Salacia! ;) The way things go, it wouldn't be much surprising if all Latin letters in Turkey were declared illegal, in favour of Arabic ones.
  5. If true, it is very sad that the beautiful Chart Room will be gone. It is a jewel on the ship's crown. However, if it has to be removed, Images appears to be a nice substitute. It is adjacent to the upper level of Britannia restaurant, so it is convenient for a pre-dinner drink. Perhaps it could share the same bar with the Midships Lounge. Now that there is no need for a photo gallery, this space, seeming always deserted, could thus find a proper use.
  6. Interestingly, I forgot to mention that eight Turkish officers have flown to Greece in a military helicopter and sought political asylum there. The Turkish government demands them back, claiming that they used the helicopter to attack President Ergogan's hotel in Marmaris.
  7. Yes, TV media reported that they attacked his hotel in Marmaris, too. Actually, according to various accounts, the Turkish President had left the building just one hour to twenty or even ten minutes before they did (the latter is what he said to CNN). Other accounts say that they mistakenly attacked another hotel in Marmaris. Tourists witnessed and described the attack. Perhaps at first place Cunard, seeing general trouble, should have not substituted Istanbul with another Turkish port. Thus they would have avoided this (literally) last minute change. In any case, let's hope this will not happen with the August 27th itinerary at least.
  8. I would not like to start this discussion again, but let's hope that the Chart Room will remain eventually where it is, as Cunard officials have promised in the past. As it is, it is one of the most beautiful places on board and ideal for a pre-dinner drink, as it is adjacent to Britannia restaurant. Moreover, its removal would take away valuable space from the many in favour of the few (appr. 5%). Actually the Chart Room is for many people the main reason to prefer QV over QE, which has sacrificed it in favour of Britannia Club. Cunard, please find a place 'somewhere' else for Britannia Club and leave the Chart Room where it is.
  9. As trouble continues in Turkey, QV has cancelled calling at Marmaris and will have two days in Rhodes instead. The Captain announced at his mid-day's announcement that all Carnival brands have cancelled callings at Turkish ports for the foreseeable future. Incidentally, as many here certainly know, Turkish president Erdogan was in Marmaris when the coup started. Just an hour after he left, military action took place and his hotel was bombed.
  10. Perhaps Cunard was willing to keep intact this most interesting itinerary, but it was the magnitude of the attack in Istanbul, which compelled them to cancel calling there. As it is, last minute choices were certainly limited.
  11. Well said. And it is very difficult to find ports as interesting as Istanbul is. But Salonica and Volos are arguably not a bad try for a last minute alternative. I wonder if an excursion to the tomb of Philip II of Macedon in Vergina will be available. Unfortunately, with the recent attack in Istanbul being the climax of 200 terrorist attacks in Turkey during the last year (more than one every two days), passenger safety has certainly become an issue and the writing was on the wall.
  12. I don't want to sound like devil's advocate, but Volos seems somehow to be a favourite site to Cunard in recent years, and arguably rightly so. It is the getaway to Meteora, several picturesque medieval monasteries situated at the top of huge, steep rocks. A definitely rare and inspiring site. And to those interested in ancient mythology, next to Volos is mount Pelion, site of the legendary centaurs. The Argonautic exhibition is said to have departed from this area, too. We have been to Volos twice on QV and are more than happy to have done so.
  13. Our experience has shown that no refund or on board credit is offered. Companies argue that under passenger contract terms, which every guest accepts automatically when purchasing a ticket, they are not liable to any compensation in case of changing an itinerary or canceling any port due to safety reasons. Crystal offered once two hours of free drinks for omitting Azores due to bad weather, and that was all. In case that someone succeeds in getting some king of reimbursement, please inform us here accordingly.
  14. BBC coverage: http://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-36658187
  15. From our experience Cunard has been particularly cautious in such matters. For example, in November 2014 QE dropped La Goulette, Tunis (in favour of Sarante, Albania). We had the chance to remember it when, next March, the attack occurred at the Bardo Museum, killing 9 and wounding 12 cruise passengers of MSC among many others. Several cruise lines announced earlier this year that they had cancelled calls into Turkish ports, including Regent Seven Seas, Crystal, Oceania, Disney, Norwegian, MSC and Costa. Celebrity has cancelled all overnight port calls. Whatever the case, our thoughts are with the Turkish people. Let's hope that stability will return to the region as soon as possible.
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