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  1. The ship's infirmary has very good seasickness pills. If you are worried, get a few BEFORE you need them. All of the officers use them when necessary. My sea legs are pretty good, but I am usually in a cabin in the bow of the ship and if the ship is heaving, I take one for good measure!
  2. PalmBeachMom

    Suite amenity package

    I purchased it, through Customer Service, for an upcoming (soon!) cruise on the Prinsendam. It was $299, I believe, for a single on a 20 day cruise.
  3. PalmBeachMom

    Is HAL moving downscale?

    Good point!
  4. PalmBeachMom

    Is HAL moving downscale?

    A lot of good reasons exist to explain why HAL and other lines might be cutting their food per diems and other expenses, and most have been discussed in this thread. However, many passengers are unintentionally putting pressure on HAL's bottom line. We all want the lowest fare possible. But we often go too far. Frankly, I cringe every time I read a thread about bringing soda and wine onboard. Yes, it is permitted. HAL really has no choice....Beverages are a huge profit center for cruise ships and every passenger who does this sabotages the cruise line's ability to maintain standards. Same for the passengers who boast about spending zero dollars on board. I realize that times are tough for a lot of people and decisions on where to spend have to be made, but I take fewer cruises so that when I DO cruise, I can enjoy all that HAL has to offer, including spa treatments.
  5. PalmBeachMom

    Recent PRDM cruisers! I need help, please.

    Nope! Just got my mother set so I can leave for three weeks and I am going to NYC this weekend to visit my daughter! But the lists have been going on in my head for a while! And I did pick up some euros yesterday!
  6. PalmBeachMom

    Recent PRDM cruisers! I need help, please.

    Thanks to everyone for answers and advice. I already have the Space Bags so I now know I can use them. Looking forward to being back on the PRDM soon!
  7. PalmBeachMom

    Another Upgrade Fairy just landed.

    The thrusters are primarily used when docking or pulling away from a dock, so I don't think you have to worry about them too much.
  8. I am thinking of using Space Bags for packing as they mean more space and less wrinkles. BUT, I haven't been on the Prinsendam for a few years SO did your room steward use an upright vacuum cleaner or a canister vac? For those of you who have never used space bags, you suck the air out of the bag using the metal tube on a canister vacuum...... which I will need to do when I pack to go home!
  9. PalmBeachMom

    Pancakes at Breakfast......

    I am going to try to be delicate here: pancakes and syrup are exactly what is needed if a traveler happens to have a little personal plumbing problem, like a stoppage........ if you get my drift!
  10. PalmBeachMom

    When was your first HAL cruise

    My first HAL cruise was on ms Rotterdam VI in April of 2002. It was a 10 day Panama Canal, rd trip Ft Lauderdale. My best friend and I took our mothers on their first cruise. When we boarded the ship there was a sign on the counter at the Front Office advising that suites were available, so we looked at each other and went for it! I think it was an additional $600 per person, but our mothers were thrilled, especially with all the interaction with the officers. Although i have occasionally sailed other lines, I have been hooked on HAL ever since!
  11. PalmBeachMom

    Coffee Aboard

    They have huge WMF (a high end German brand) coffee brewers in the Lido and had had for at least ten years. Take a close look next time.
  12. PalmBeachMom

    Coffee Aboard

    I have to disagree. The coffee and cappucino available in the restaurants is just fine.
  13. PalmBeachMom

    parking at Port Everglades

    Funny, because my ship arrives at Port Everglades that day! What ship are you sailing?
  14. PalmBeachMom

    completely avoid onboard charges

    THANK YOU. Someone had to say it. I have no reason to want to put HAL out of business!
  15. PalmBeachMom

    HAL virgin and christmas

    We took six cabins on the Westerdam between Christmas and New Year's with assorted family members and all ages and had a fantastic time! No one young enough for Club Hal, but there were plenty of kids, the ship was beautifully decorated and a fun time was had by all. I think any of those ships would give you a great vacation!