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  1. being able to change up to 2 weeks prior is a good thing. I am supposed to go mid-May. I don't intend to cancel at this time. There's still time for this to get better or worse. I'm glad I don't have to decide immediately
  2. Here is the update as of today: Our cancellation policy for guest with bookings departing up to 31 May, 2020. For any guest departing up to 31 May, 2020 Scenic will waive all of our cancellation fees with the value of the bookings applied as a future travel credit. We are allowing guests to change or transfer their booking up to 14 days prior to departure for river and ocean cruise bookings, and up to 30 days prior to travel for land tours. The future travel credit is valid for travel up to 31 December 2020 for May departures, March and April departures for travel up to 30 April, 2021. An administration fee of $200pp will be applicable, with any third party fees at the guests own expense.
  3. I don't look at it in terms of 5-6 alcohol drinks a day. If you were going to get the refreshment package anyway, what is that difference if you were then going to purchase drinks on top? My deluxe package is only $24 more than the refreshment. That's 2 drinks. I can easily drink an average of 2-3 drinks a day and have it be worth my piece of mind and budget to know I don't have to track or worry about the bill at the end.
  4. we have $20 for refreshment and $44 for deluxe, which is the same price that shows today. Refreshment had gone back up to $26 for awhile.
  5. Thanks for the recommendations. :) We have been here several times with Carnival, and they use Iyanola. Each time we have done Superman's Flight, plus one of the other sites either in front of Anse Chastanet, or on the other side of the pitons. The boat is usually never more than 6-8 divers. That's why I was looking to see who the operator was. I booked with the ship, because I got a great price with the black Friday sale last year. But it's easy enough to change. I'm going to check out these other ops.
  6. I'm glad to see your great review of VIP Diving. This is who we have booked our dives with next month. I was a little nervous about their cancellation policy - but I completely understand why they do this. I'm just so excited that its finally getting close. Our first time in Bonaire and Curacao. We are also diving St Lucia. Can't get here soon enough to get out of this cold :)
  7. Hi, does anyone know which dive op Royal uses in St Lucia? I can usually find this info out easy enough, but have not yet been able to determine this one. TIA!
  8. If I've flown in and don't have a car, I go straight to the ship upon checkout from the hotel. There's not much to do with luggage and no car. If I'm going to sit around, I'd rather do it on ship where I know if I fall asleep in the sun I won't miss the ship. If I'm driving to port, I will time it just a bit later. I don't like waiting too long. I can be responsible for my own timetable, but not for those other drivers and construction workers etc that delay my trip 🙂
  9. I was just planning on grabbing the menu and working my way through everything on it, plus whatever signature drinks that particular bartender might have. That lavender daiquiri sounds interesting. Don't think I've ever had one of those.
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