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  1. golfadj

    Hasboro Game Show

    Lounge was about as empty as I have ever seen it the night they had hasbro and nothing else. Dont know their normal liquor sales are for the evening in the main lounge but they sure were getting there.
  2. They may think a phone card is nice they might not need it. They may like chocolate they may not. They sure will like getting extra cash:):)
  3. golfadj

    Wasn't planning but.............

    Great deal Wonder what the average revenue is for the casino iswhen people take them up on these deals. Obviously they do expect to make enough to cover their costs
  4. golfadj

    Thank you gift or tipping your PVP?

    [quote name='Pyrate13']I have to agree with several other posters, I sent an email to my pvp's supervisor and let him know how much I appreciate her and what a good job she does for me. He replied with a thank you for the email and stated my message would be included in her personal file.:)[/QUOTE] Great idea
  5. golfadj

    Thank you gift or tipping your PVP?

    [quote name='DirtyDawg']So True! What pushed me over the edge was a tip jar at my MD's office. :eek: Apparently her Ferrari needed a tune up.:( ;)[/QUOTE] At a DR office, now i have heard them all:rolleyes:
  6. [quote name='fyree39']I know, right? Could be Muslim or Hindu.[/QUOTE] Best to give them some extra cash if so inclined
  7. golfadj

    Carnival Glory Lido Deck Food Choices

    Guys closes at 6. Blue Iguana opens early for breakfast
  8. golfadj

    Thank you gift or tipping your PVP?

    [quote name='kristie64063']I think tipping has gotten out of hand. A nice thank you card would be sufficient. You should tip for server's, salon services, etc. But for someone just doing their job, that isn't in an industry where tipping is required / the norm, I don't think you should do it. That's what makes stuff like tipping get out of control. Soon we'll be tipping everyone. I think it's ok to just do the job.[/QUOTE] Tipping has gotten out of hand. Now see tip jars in subway and other places for just doing their normal job.
  9. golfadj

    Thank you gift or tipping your PVP?

    The pvp is a sales job and they earn commissions from sale of cabins so see no reason to tip them. Better to give them new customers thru recommendations.
  10. I always had a problem emailing it so always would call and have them apply it over the phone
  11. [quote name='Honolulu Blue']The Valor is the one ship that doesn't have a Future Cruise desk.[/QUOTE] Wonder why??
  12. I think they were referring to the plane that buzzed them not the aircraft carrier. Surprised that they allowed the cruise ship to get close enough to see the carrier though.
  13. Gotten some very useful gifts from carnival over the years but the binoculars were not one of them.
  14. golfadj

    Free Espresso?

    Actually think it is now about $ 2.95. It was sold to us as an improvement using brilliant new machines and better beans but rarely do I ever see anyone ordering it in the DR.
  15. [quote name='snc_cam']I am wondering if the FCCs were subject to being counterfeited and used illegally. The FCD certainly resolves this issue.[/QUOTE] I wonder about this. Initially they insisted you had to return to them by certified mail and than later on you could do it by email. On Princess it seems to be embedded into your account and was no problem to apply it via a TA while on the phone booking a cruise.