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  1. Yes, the way it works is you can get a mug and a sticker on your card and at any bar they can get a soda. Pretty simple.
  2. Typically, there is a designated room advertised that you will have to go to in order to obtain your alcohol on the last night. it will be in your Freestyle Daily.
  3. I think the perks outweigh the balcony size of deck 10 aft balconies. I'd much rather have the perks if you can get the cabin at a reasonable price... The breakfast/lunch offerings in your suite passenger restaurant (Moderno) are fantastic and service is impeccable. Butler... very nice perk. Concierge : takes care of all your details with dining reservations/excursions, seating at shows, etc... Embarkation/Disembarkation is much nicer in a suite. Not at all sure if the bidding allows you to guarantee AFT ... so that might be a risk if you absolutely HAVE to be AFT. I guess it would depend on how much of a discount on the price you can get the Penthouse... If its not all that much more per person, then I'd take the Penthouse.
  4. In your case, I would re-arrange the passengers on your reservation such that passenger 1 and 2 are the drinkers and passenger 3 is the non-alcoholic person. Passenger 3 can get a soda card... and 1 and 2 can get the promo UBP.
  5. The specials were not part of a menu, they were advertised on cards on the tables.... It could be that they don't do those specials any longer...
  6. Basically, the service charge removes any tipping obligation for the specialty restaurants. If you go to one and actually pay a la carte (outside of the package) , it will be automatically added to your bill.
  7. O'Sheehans on Getaway was a pleasant surprise with their dinner specials, especially the Prime Rib dinner... The normal menu is average, and some swear by their chicken wings, but if you get the chance to have the Prie Rib there, it is actually quite good.
  8. There is a ferry that goes to St. John, and you don't have to purchase tickets in advance. There are tons of post about it on the Port of Call section on these forums. https://boards.cruisecritic.com/forum/82-st-thomasst-john/ However, I would suggest, just for peace of mind and less stress, to take a NCL excursion to St. John so that you are not accidentally stranded because of a ferry mishap. At least if you are on an NCL excurson when the ferry breaks down, you KNOW the ship will not leave you there. On your own... you take your chances.
  9. I did not take any pictures of drink menus unfortunately...
  10. It's a 5 year upgrade... so expect public areas and certain cabins to be updated...
  11. There will be excursions listed online for you to choose from for Great Stirrup Cay... things like Jet skis , Parasailing, Sting Ray City, Marine Life Encounter tour, kayaks, Paddle boards, etc and more.
  12. Loyalty programs, Suite perks, specialty restaurant pricing - these are things that are used to compare the various mainstream lines against each other. Good programs and/or perks can attract loyalty and can create a distinction between various mainstream lines. When your front office begins to whittle down and water down the perks to gain a few more nickels, they might have just made their own product less desireable. The only question for each individual is where is the tolerance level in your case... How far can they push you before you before you're not as likely to book with that particular line ? In today's cruise market, the mainstream lines like RCL, CCL, NCL, X and so on are becoming more alike than different. Sometimes it can be the little things that sets one line apart from another.
  13. Not yet, but it wouldnt be hard to see them going to individual prices on the different options on the menu...
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