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  1. Basically, it's a nice sized penthouse with Concierge privileges as well as private lunch and dinner location, located port side near the forward elevators. Since it is concierge class, it does not include access to the Haven, nor do you have a butler. Having access to the Concierge is very useful.
  2. *IF* you are selected to bid, you should get an email soon, around 80 days was my latest experience.
  3. As you can tell from all the responses, it's intensely subjective. I try to go to specialty restaurants that we don't get to go to as often on land. Most often, that rules out La Cucina as we have many good Italian restaurants nearby that we can go to and frequent.
  4. Problem is there are examples that seem to validate every possible scenario with no true consistency.
  5. Always a good tip... better to be prepared than to be waiting
  6. Its not going to be like being at home that's for sure... it's kind of similar to being in a very very crowded coffee shop where everyone is using the wifi...
  7. First... you have to set yourself a budget... Stick to it! Next... I use the following approach, Let's say I paid 500 pp for the inside cabin. Lets say the balcony cabin is currently 1000pp... I will make a bid of 250 pp which is basically a "meet-me-halfway" bid... My scenarios also assume that you would be happy with your original cabin if you didn't get upgraded.
  8. There have been no discernible patterns as to why certain bids are taken over others... That information has not been communicated.
  9. Ok Here are a few answers... 1. Sit-Down Breakfast is available many places on board, including the main dining rooms. Also a sit down experience can be had at O'Sheehan's. 2. You can make reservations for the main theater shows if you wish, but it's not always required. But if you would like to be sure to plan out your night, go ahead. 3. The drink package is a good deal if you would typically have more than 99 dollar of drinks per day per person... based upon its price if you paid for it. You are entitled to order for free any drink up to $15 list price. If you want a drink that is more than $15, you pay the difference. 4. The earliest you can make reservations is about 100 days out I believe. 5. There is a "Dress Up or Not Night" - its not mandatory at all. 6. Acceptable dress code would be a polo or colalred shirt with khakis or dress slacks in dining rooms, and they have even been allowing jeans and shorts in some as well... very casual. Specialty Restaurants are typically less casual than the main complimentary dining facilities.
  10. Sounds like they have an interesting menu...
  11. Drinks can be brought to Haven cabins by your butler, just not for free... You could always fetch some yourself, or have a liquor setup for your cabin.
  12. Yes... From a Haven penthouse to a Haven Spa penthouse the only difference is spa access...... For non Haven cabins the same holds true when comparing balcony to spa balcony, and mini suite (not really a suite) to spa mini suite.. The mini suite category is really a balcony with an enhanced bathroom. So if your goung from inside cabin, you have a ton of options bidding.
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