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    passports for kids...need a quick answer

    Thank you for your smart comment. I had heard that some had had trouble even getting back on the boat....not back in the US but on the boat. That concerned me some. Now that I've experienced it, I don't see how that could be an issue, but that is where my comments came from. :rolleyes:
  2. RookieSailer

    passports for kids...need a quick answer

    We cruised the Ecstacy to Cozumel last week. The only time we needed anything but the Sail & Sign card was getting through customs back in Galveston. We needed birth certificates and DL. My 15 year old daughter only needed BC. She had a school ID, but was not asked for it. I had stressed about that before the trip, but it was really easy.
  3. RookieSailer

    What to take for motion sickness

    I cruised the Ecstacy last week. I was fine the first day and part of the 2nd. During the "How to shop in Cozumel" session, I sat on the first row. That EVIL shiny, glittery curtain started swaying as the boat rocked. First, my daughter & hubby left after feeling queezy. I stayed for the info. About 20 minutes later...all of the sudden...it hit me! I had to leave! I got so sick, and I couldn't keep the Dramamine down. I tried more Dramamine and those darn arm bracelets. NOTHING would help. The only way I was semi comfortable was in my bed! This lasted all day. I tried to get ready for formal night because we had been looking forward to it. We sat down to dinner that night, and I had to leave again! I was so miserable I went straight to the infirmary for the injection of phenegren! I slept the rest of the night and was great the next day. You have to stay AHEAD of it, because if you get behind, it's miserable. The nurse gave me phenegren tablets to chase the injection for the next days, and I took them faithfully. There is not a worse feeling in the world. I told the nurse that if she didn't have anything that would help, she was going to have to shoot me!
  4. RookieSailer

    First Cruise and it may be a mess

    Thanks to you all.... We have tried asking Carnival, but couldn't really get an answer. It was almost as if they were afraid to give a definite "You're going to be fine" answer. When you read the website "This requirement may become effective as early as Summer 2008. " ...it still leaves room for me to worry. My daughter is 15, so she has no DL. Thanks for all you help. Yesterday was my first day on this board, and you guys look like you have tons of fun.
  5. RookieSailer

    First Cruise and it may be a mess

    Will a public school ID be OK for my minor child?
  6. My husband gave my daughter & I a cruise as a Christmas gift--we've NEVER done anything like this. We sail on Ecstasy on Jan 3 to Cozumel. Problem: We don't have passports, and the only ID my daughter has is a school picture ID. Are we in for trouble and complications? Any advise?