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  1. How much are the chair rentals? Is the cab $10 or $10pp? Thanks.
  2. How much is the cab ride to this beach and how long a ride? How much are chair rentals? Should we do this beach on our own or thru the ship's excursion? Thanks.
  3. We are on the Breeze April 25th. Will check ports of call boards. Haven't done it yet. Thanks
  4. Thanks. Pool is ok for us. Don't have to go to the beach. How long a walk is the beach? Do you know?
  5. Thanks. We are at Amber Cove, DR. Is the beach ok to go to ? How far a walk from the ship? Was leaning towards Sapphire Beach. So, it's better than a cruise excursion to go to a beach in SJ by taxi? How far a ride? Do you know?
  6. What beaches do you recommend in Dominican Rep., San Juan, and St. Thomas? Want to go to a beach in each port. Thanks.
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