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    Should I Book Excursions BEFORE Cruise?

    ^^ yeah I'm thinking about booking with that cavetubing website Does anyone else have any ideas for Cozumel, Grand Cayman, Belize, or Hondurus? And are the ATV rides through the jungle fun? Like can you do your own thing, or do you go real slow in a line? Just curious if anyone had ever done it. Thanks again for all the help! :D
  2. maverick1024

    Should I Book Excursions BEFORE Cruise?

    We're going to Cozumel, Grand Cayman, Belize, and Roatan, Hondurus There's almost TOO many excursions to choose from. Kind of overwhelming Here's what I've kind of got a clue just from various research: Cozumel: Rent a scooter, ride around visit beaches, play really cool putt putt course Grand Cayman: Go on glass bottom boat out to stingray city; maybe snorkel? Belize: Cave tubing and/or ATV through the jungle Hondurus: zip line through the jungle (even though i heard someone just died on one like this) i'll take my chances Any comments/ideas about who to book with or other excursions I should consider? Thanks for all the ideas!!!
  3. maverick1024

    Should I Book Excursions BEFORE Cruise?

    I was just worried about maybe the ship not getting to the port on time and the people leading the excursions not waiting around. Has this ever presented a problem?
  4. I'm a first time cruiser and I think I'm going to book excursions not through Carnival, but through outside companies (I'm trying to save some money). But my question is, should I book these excursions BEFORE I go on my cruise, or just wait till I get to the port and find a group to go with? Does anybody have any experience with this? Help would be appreciated. Thanks!