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  1. Beckaroous

    Dominica has been removed from Carnival Victory stops..

    I just called carnival and they first said because it was so violent and I said "Where can I find info on the violence because I did not hear anything" The customer service agent said "Google it" I said "I can't find anything all I am finding is Dominica Newspapers saying its because of the gas prices and customer's complaining there were too may ports" She than said "No carnival would pass the gas prices on to you and I worked in sales and that was a popular crusie BECAUSE it stopped EVERYDAY. Its Violence." I then said "Why are you still going to St Thomas, they killed one of your passenger and Mexico isn't exactly a safe place these days." She went on some speech about St THomas and then thought for a minute and had to agree that Mexico isn't exactly safe. I then said "Did carnival release a PR statement about Dominica or ANYTHING" after 3 minutes on hold she told me it was because of Gas costs and passenger comments and told me to call Guest Relations at 1-800-929-6400 Ask for Guest Relations on Tuesday when they are open...Is no one able to give a strait answer anymore PS I will be calling I recommend you do too so they get some "Customer Feedback" about the change they made based on "Customer Feedback"
  2. Beckaroous

    go or stay on ship?

    Don't stay on the ship this island is great but I need to know what you like to make any recommendations. There is snorkeling in champaign bubbles, River Tubing, swimming in Waterfalls. Hiking to waterfalls and boiling lakes, Kayaking, warm Mud baths, floating through the gorge that Pirates of the Caribbean was shot in, there is a Carib indian village you can visit. I mean you want to talk about an island where there is a TON to do. and if you pick all the stuff in the same area like Emerald Pool, Mr Nices Fruit stand and a few other things you can do it for $30pp add tubing and it goes to a MAX of $50 but there are better deals if you look. If all you want to do is shop for jewlery and look around town then yes stay on the ship the only thing where you park is a straw market which is the same as any other.
  3. Beckaroous

    Titu Gorge and ?

    This will be our 5th time in Dominica we are doing back to back cruises on the Victory and will be doing the Emerald Pool, Mr Nices Fruit Stand and River Tubeing. The second week at Dominica we know we want to go to Ti Tou Gorge but are not sure who to book with and don't know what else we should see. Things we know we don't want see again - Champagne beach - I loved it but my friend and her son thought it was too rough and scary. Trafalgar Falls - It was pretty however we would skip it this time as there is no swimming and the hike over the boulders was a bit much. Wotten Waven Hot Sulphur Spring - We enjoyed it but we have been there twice and feel there are other places we should see. I heard there are naturaly occuring water slides but I'm not sure where they are. If you took a trip to Ti Tou Gorge can you tell me what else you did on your tour and who you did it with? Any and all advice is welcome. Thanks in advance for your help.
  4. Beckaroous


    FYI today is the last day you can book River Tubing and Emerald Pool Tour in Dominica with antours@yahoo.com for 28.50 per adult and children Free!!!! I just booked for January CAN'T WAIT!!!!!
  5. Beckaroous

    Most Popular Activity/Tour in Barbados?

    I agree the Turtles are the most popular. The Boatyard is also very popular Its $10 includes transportation both ways and entry fee. There are 2 water trampolines, a rope swing, a rock climbing wall in the water, a water slide, a fun bar that always has a party going on, shower, chairs and umbrellas are all included in your $10 and they also have Jet Ski's, Banana Boats, parasaling, Kayaks, Snorkeling equipment and more for an extra charge. They also have a turtle cruise which will let you do both!!!:D
  6. Beckaroous

    Sunshine Island Tours

    We toured with Sunshine and He was well known and easy to find once we got off the boat. He was prompt and very nice. He took us all over the island for an extreamly good tour. He then droped us off at the beach!!! Which was the best part of the day because If you ever taken the sunny liston tour in St Thomas, who was at the bar, but the guys who sing the Sunday Monday Tuesday song. He came back in a few hours again promptly and took us back to the boat. EXTREMELY GOOD TOUR AND GREAT VALUE!!!! He is hard to get in contact with but I will say saving the $40 over the other guys TOTALLY WORTH IT!!!!
  7. Beckaroous

    Looking for Help?....I'm from St.Lucia

    St Lucia Pride, I went to St Lucia a 2 years ago and we hired a taxi driver to take us to Jallosi beach he said he had a better beach to take us to for snorkeling and it was at a resort/hotel. We had to drive past a check in booth where the driver spoke to the booth guy and he let us in. When we drove down the hill to The beach it was almost empty and you could see the pintons from it. It also had snorkeling all over but especialy to the Right when looking at the water. We ran into some scuba divers when we swam to the coral that was all the way to the right. There was even a diving boey that looked perminant. I am so sorry I don't have any more information can you help me remeber what hotel/beach this was?
  8. Beckaroous

    Gastritus 3 Days before I leave!!!!!

    Thanks for all the great advice I am currently trying to get Ensure on the plane...Wish me luck... Keep the food ideas coming I appreciate any and all advice
  9. We are useing Sunshine I will review in 2 weeks. He takes a long time to reply just write to both addresses (His and hotmail) and he will reply. Aparently he doesn't have email but hes either 20 or 25 bucks so I'm good
  10. I just got out of the hospital with a severe case of gastritis and I leave in 3 days for my cruise. :o Anyone have a favorite gastritis food? Mine has been mashed potatoes but that is going to get old REALLY FAST!!! What the heck can I eat on this cruise that's not going to require pain killers for desert. :cool:
  11. Beckaroous

    Not AGAIN?!

    For criticizing/accusing anyone of anything so hanus.
  12. Beckaroous

    Sunny Liston or Spiderman

    Seriously dude UNCOOL. You can ask people to write reviews after their tour if they had a good time. Just tell them "Hey if you had a good time I would really appreciate you letting people know by posting your review on CruiseCritic.com" You can had out a small slip of paper about cruisecritic and how to get to the boards. Don't post your own review it is SO UNCOOL and you will get busted and then it will have a reverse reaction. People will avoid you because "WOW that tour must really suck if the guy has to post his own reviews" If you want to be seen here advertise.
  13. Beckaroous

    Sunny Liston or Spiderman

    I am sooooo sorry you had a bad time. There are 3 "secrets" to haveing a good time with Sonny: 1- Try and get a group going on your Roll Call and stress the fact it is a lot of fun and singing and if you don't like that stuff its probably not the tour for you. 2- Make sure you are on Sonneys bus not Elvis. Sonney will make you sing. 3- Drinking helps any singing on a tour. Either stop for a drink before you get on the bus or bring some rum and coke in a bottle or splurge for the banana daiquiri at the top. Don't get SLOSHED but a slight buzz always helps thouse singing juices flow. Why do you think they do karioki (sp) after 10pm I have toured with sunny 3 times now and by following these rules ALWAYS HAD A BLAST!!!! And whatever the tour is informative you do learn a little about the island history but more importantly you have a good time while doing it so you may not realize you are learning.
  14. Beckaroous

    anyplace to get conch salad???

    They sell conch on Cokki beach but it sells out early. good luck
  15. Beckaroous

    Not AGAIN?!

    Shame on you