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  1. CruiseCouple5

    Just off the Legend!

    I'm so glad to hear you had a great time! We go on the legend on May 18th and have never been on this ship before. Anything extra-fantastic that we should try? Also, did you go to the supper club?
  2. CruiseCouple5

    what did you pay?

  3. CruiseCouple5

    Questions about the Carnival Legend

    Well keep us posted! You're traveling 35 days before us =) ... Be sure to take lots of pictures! My email is on the signature if you want to contact us directly! Thanks, Buddy
  4. CruiseCouple5

    what did you pay?

    How many days is the victory ? We were quoted $983 on a cat 8C extended balcony on the 7 day Legend cruise out of tampa... ended up with an 8E aft extended balcony for $1040.
  5. CruiseCouple5

    Questions about the Carnival Legend

    Absolutely! Take good notes! Have you heard anything about it thus far?
  6. CruiseCouple5

    Question about Tendering...

    How do you find out how many ships will be in that port on a given day? How many is too many?
  7. CruiseCouple5

    Grand Cayman - Horseback riding on the beach?

    For those interested, here is some information I got from direct email with people at csstables.com: I had a question about the beach ride in Grand Cayman Island. I have heard that some tours here in the US do beach rides and also ride the horses as they swim in the ocean. Do you guys allow the riders to enter the water with the horses? Noland of csstables replied: Our trail and beach combo rides does not include swimming the horses. This ride is for US$80.00 per rider. Swimming the horses would be a different ride known as a swim ride. With this ride you trail and beach ride and also swim the horses bareback in the water/sea. This ride goes for US$125.00 per rider and last 2 hours and more at times. Thanks for your interest! Regards Noland.
  8. CruiseCouple5

    Doggie dining

    What about a "Camp Carnival" for pets? They can either be in your cabin or under the supervision of the "Pet carnival" staff at all times. Keeps them from being all over the boat and still enables the "entire" family to enjoy the trip for probably the same cost as a kennel.
  9. CruiseCouple5

    Question about Tendering...

    Suppose your itinerary says you are at a tendered port from 7AM to 4PM. In the morning, when and how often do the tender boats leave? Also, if the boat leaves port at 4, how do you know when the last tender boat OFF the island is? Thanks, -Buddy
  10. CruiseCouple5

    Would you like to see the Casino smoke free?

    Excuse me if I repeat anything that has been said. I am making a quick post now and then will return to read the 8 pages posted here. I personally do not smoke, but have grown up 22 years with two parents who smoke heavily. I feel that while smoking is bad it is just as much a person's right as it is to breathe clean air. I personally dont even notice smoke because of my excessive exposure to it. In an effort to appease everyone I do forsee the development of a "smoking area" within a casino for smokers much like restaurants do today.
  11. CruiseCouple5

    Help us decide

    GF and I are also in our mid 20s. We go to school up north but are originally from central FL and also leave from FL on many of our cruises. We recently booked a cruise on the Legend, leaving may 18th from Tampa (which is a straight shot down I- 75 for you guys). The prices there are cheaper than any of the other boats by at least 50 to 60 dollars per ticket from what we noticed (We booked through a AAA travel agent). We had a past passenger upgrade and originally booked a balcony room, category 8C(extended balcony) for $983 a person but switched to category 8E (Extended balcony) so we could have an aft room (on the very back of the boat) and it was only $1043 a person. Not a bad price for an extended balcony on a 7 day cruise. The lineup through the western caribbean includes Cozumel which you said you like, and then goes to Grand Cayman, Isla Roatan and Belize. GF and myself are looking for other couples in our age range to do things with on our cruise but have come up empty thus far... would be cool if you chose to go on the legend as your time frame matches up nicely with ours. Hope the info helped Buddy
  12. CruiseCouple5

    Carnival Legend 6264 Aft room

    Wow thanks serene! Its nice to see our cabin from the different angles before we go, we've never stayed in the aft and are very excited!
  13. CruiseCouple5

    Questions about Roll Call..

    Our initial cruise was 5/25/08 and we moved it to 5/18/08 but we are unable to change our roll call registration.... it still lists us at the 5/25 sailing. I went ahead and added the new date as well but it appears it has been removed. How do I get the correct date on there!?
  14. CruiseCouple5

    Carnival Legend 6264 Aft room

    Anyone ever stayed here, or in a nearby room? Any input?
  15. CruiseCouple5

    Questions about the Carnival Legend

    After a few changes the GF and I decided to get an aft balcony it was only $60 more and we decided the view was worth it. We are now in room 6264. We are also now sailing out May 18 instead of the 25th as well. Hope it turns out well! We are very excited!