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  1. Thanks so very much! will definitely be bringing cash!
  2. Hi everyone , seasoned cruiser, but first time on Celebrity. I tried searching for a while but can’t find the info I am looking for can I charge casino money to my room - slots or table games, as a room charge, or should I just bring gambling cash with me? thanks, Aggie
  3. my experience, If you have $200 in onboard credit and go into the casino and charge $100 to your room and play with it and win, you will upload those winnings to your card or get chips that you turn in you will now still have $100 in OBC but when you go to cash in winnings if you are lucky, you will get them in cash if you upload the whole $200 at once and win, you still get to keep all your winnings, provided a single win doesn’t go over the taxable limit not sure what happens with table games, but if you hit a slot jackpot over (it was $1200, but not sure what it will be) a set amount you will have to fill out a tax form there. not sure if they will take out the taxes or not, do used to be lucky, I am not if you are playing slots and your credit in the machine is getting up there, load it onto your card and then keep playing if you want
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