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  1. Sitting at our motel waiting for a taxi to drive us to Port Everglades and start the voyage aboard the Oosterdam. Our travel agent forced us to stay on the ship for 21 days. We are in cabin 4180 at the stern of the ship and should be out for sailaway as always. Looking forward to seeing the canal again as well as San Diego. With over 25 cruises now with Holland America we never get tired of the moments we spend on one of the many Damm ships.
  2. Have a great cruise Bruce and Sue. Our paths almost cross again. We will be coming up from the Panama Canal as you head to SanFran on our way to Vancouver. Maybe some day again.
  3. Congratulations on your 100 days @ sea. My wife and I take this very seriously and started in 1981. We are 4 stars now soon to be five stars. We have gone through four different rewards programs. We have a HAL shrine so to speak in our front hall. We have our medals hanging there along with other certificates framed and hung.(Been married twice by different captains) We did not want to lose our medals so I went on EBAY and bought two bronze medals. We take the "FAKES" with us every cruise and if we were to lose our suitcases we do not lose our original medals as they are still at home on the wall. I have the next set bought and ready ready once we reach #300 soon.
  4. There is one exception to the rules for HMC. If you rent the Oasis your group prearranged in advance is allowed to go to the head of the line when gathered. You are escorted by a HAL official. You pay almost $1400.00 for the day for your group it is a perk. You also get the Pinnacle Grill chef as your cook for the day. Did this once a couple years ago and had a blast. One of the best days we have ever had anywhere. Been to HMC 6 times now.
  5. Congratulations on his retirement. Sailed with him twice both times on the Zuiderdam. He had a book signing session in the shops and got his signature and photo. Not sure where either are at this time.
  6. My 2 cents worth on this subject is as follows. My wife and I have over 25 cruises with HAL and are 4 star and Bronze holders. We wear our 4 star pins on the day of the luncheon. Yes my wife likes the free drink and tiles very much. As far as the medallions goes I bought a fake pair off Ebay and put them in my cruise travel luggage and left them in there for ever. I did this so if our luggage was ever lost in transit we still have our real units at home. Then if we want them they are with us but not to lose our originals that are hung up on our HAL plaques in our front hall of our home. Colakid
  7. Great review. I too was on this with your family along my wife and daughter and her boyfriend. Our 25th cruise with HAL and the 6th cruise for our daughter. Her boyfriend was his first. We always choose late fixed dining since day one over 30 years ago. We noticed all the children. Not too bad. Great excursions we took in Jamaica Grand Cayman and Cozumel. Having been to all before at least 3 times not much left to see or do. Best tours in years. We found the food up to par most meals but the service was definitely down. The lettuce scare did hinder some meals. Our table mates at our large table for 8 were great. More new friends. Weather was great but each port had at least 6 ships each day made for busy days and heavy traffic and stress on the local tourist systems. Great cruise and look forward to the next three we have booked. Going to make 5 stars yet. Already have our free laundry.
  8. I too have asked this question from a recent return cruise. Head office tells me they are using a new data management software and are having troubles switching over the files and this may take some time. Up to two more months is what I was quoted. Be patient I was told. On another note our PCC tells me the new software they are now using is far superior to the old system. She can see results already from her desk.
  9. My DW and I will be taking a cruise leaving from Rotterdam in Aug 2019. We need accommodations for one night precruise. I see there is the old HAL headquarters building now the Hotel New York. I also see there is the nh hotel Rotterdam nearby as well. We have stayed one night previously on the former SS Rotterdam. This may be another option. Any thoughts about this for us would be appreciated. Thank you in advance. Colakid.
  10. Having recently finished a cruise I was looking up my numbers on the HAL official site on my profile. It was gone but scrambled. I called my PCC and was informed HAL have recently started a new data management software and it is causing much concern to everyone. They are hoping to get the bugs out of it asap. Be patient with them as they make the transition I was asked.
  11. Just got a message from our cruise consultant @ HAL that she has been sold. Details to follow as they make the adjustments to everything.
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