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  1. ejeffo

    Cheers vs pay as you go

    Personally, the Cheers program would not work for us. Reason is that we like to get a couple buckets of beer and relax on the balcony. With Cheers you can only get one at a time...
  2. ejeffo

    Ensenada Cigar Bars

    Does anyone know if there are any good cigar bars in Ensenada? Or just a good place to smoke one? I would like to smoke one during the cruise and maybe pick up a cuban too but would rather refrain from smoking on the ship.
  3. ejeffo

    80s theme cruise 2-2016 Eurodam

    We just booked this 80's cruise yesterday. Looks like a lot of fun. I have never sailed HAL before so should be interesting.
  4. ejeffo

    Taking alcohol on board??

    Search this forum for "rum runners." You will find a lot of good information. You will also, however, be crucified on this board for just mentioning this.
  5. ejeffo

    Rum Runners?

    A couple of weeks ago I packed 2 rum runners, each in a separate bag. When luggage arrived we were missing a bag... I kept saying it would be fine. We walked into the room after exploring the ship, and there was the message light on the phone... FLASH FLASH FLASH. Oh crap, I checked the message. Sure enough "Please come down to deck 1 to get your luggage, it is suspected to have "liquids" in it." I go down to deck one perfectly ready to give up the stash. She asks me "Do you have alcohol in your luggage?" My spur of the moment answer was... "Yes, No... Maybe, I don't know... I might, probably." :-) She promptly asks me to open the suitcase. I flip through the two piles of clothes in the bag, during which the rum runner came very apparently into view. I was caught... No. I quickly pulled out a bottle of hairspray that was right on top. "Maybe this is what they saw?" She seemed to agree with my conclusion and sent me on my way... with my rum runner still safely packed inside. /FLAME SUIT ON Oh, and by the way we still rang up a $1000+ bar tab between the 2 of us and only drank half of the contraband liquor.
  6. Hilary is the BEST! He was my room steward a couple of weeks ago. He is from St. Lucia and spent some time telling us about the islands. We had the legs in the toilet too... He was for sure the best room steward we have had yet.
  7. ejeffo

    What to do in coco cay

    Have a coco loco and enjoy the beach... "It's sooo nice!"... Just got back!
  8. Great review... Looking forward to the rest of it. Do you have the cruise compasses by any chance?
  9. Unfortunately, it does not look like they will be, according to reverbnation they were only on board for a few select days in March. I was hoping they would be too for my cruise this weekend, but looks like no luck. http://www.reverbnation.com/show/9802861
  10. That made me LOL. Thanks for the laugh.
  11. ejeffo

    Where is the FOS?

    That's right, I forgot she was doing western this week. Thanks for the update. How was the weather in all ports last week? I am hoping it is nice next week too.
  12. ejeffo

    Where is the FOS?

    So once again... Looking for the FOS to see if she made it to Coco Cay... nothing. When I search on marinetraffic dot com it says "out of range." Anyone know a trick or another webiste to see if she made it there? Thanks!
  13. ejeffo

    Anybody tried Costa?

    RCI ships stay on top of the water.
  14. It brings multitasking to a whole new level.