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  1. Back during Katrina, a number of ships were volunteered to help in New Orleans. The ships were absolutely Trashed. The recipients of the cruise line largesse did not seem to appreciate it.
  2. I was hoping to catch the eye of someone already on board, but nothing yet. If nobody answers, I will try to update after I go through it on Saturday. This won't help you other 2 folks, though.
  3. You are absolutely right!! To correct my error: We will be boarding on 3/14! (This year is going fast, but not THAT fast,)
  4. We will be boarding on 7/14. We are curious how the increased health screening impacted the boarding process. For example, when was your temperature checked? Just trying to know what to expect. Thanks for taking time out from your vacation. Hope you have a good trip.
  5. Based on the deck plans and the photos I have been able to find, it looks like the only water options therein are 2 side-by-side hot tubs. Am I correct? I had hoped for an easy-entry pool like on other Oasis Class ships. As many of us grow older, some maladies make it very difficult to get out of the usual pools.
  6. We've stayed in the Low Rise area several times (Aruba Beach Club). From your ship you will clearly see the High Rise area in the distance toward the left as you face the shore. Low Rise area is about half that distance. There is an IGA store up that way, Ling and Sons. It is, however, about a mile and a half from the cruise port. Also near that is Kong Hing supermarket slightly closer to the port, but we have not shopped there in quite a while. Last cruise we actually walked to the Low Rise area from the ship (a couple of miles total), and the only other food outlet on the way was a small convenience store attached to a gas station. Note all of this is to the left, as you leave the ship. I have no idea if there is a closer store to the right (toward the airport).
  7. Our Silhouette cruise ended Sunday 12/1. We flew round trip to FLL, the starting point and originally the disembarkation point, which was changed to Miami. Celebrity arranged a number of transports back to the Port Everglades parking garage, all of which were complimentary. A couple sailing with us had to contact the shuttle from there to their off-site parking lot. A little delay there, but all worked out. Disembarkation for Transports to FLL (our concern) were scheduled based on flight times, again complimentary. I would assume these went well, but perhaps someone who used them could comment. We had a flight time earlier than intended for the ship's first transport, but one which would not have been a problem if we had returned to Port Everglades. There were no seats on later flights (this was Thanksgiving Sunday) so we chose Lyft. After clearing Customs I ordered the ride. Wait time was less than 5 minutes. Pick up point was at the curb opposite the loading busses (several people told us where to be picked up). Had a very enjoyable ride with a retired Marine Sgt. Major. We were at the airport about 40 minutes later, in plenty of time for our flight. Cost was just over $30, plus the optional cash tip we gave him for helping with the luggage. I would imagine the situation would be very similar for your Miami to Fort Lauderdale sailing.
  8. On our upcoming Silhouette cruise 11/22 to 12/1, the disembarkation port has been changed. Some type of conflict in Port Everglades. Originally, making a 11:20 flight from FLL would not have been a problem. Now, however, we are concerned: Celebrity has promised transport to FLL, but is it realistic to expect to make it in time? Uber/Lyft is a possibility, but how easy is this to arrange considering the indefinite time for getting off the ship. Comments? Do you know of any other private transportation options with which you have had satisfactory experience? Thanks in advance for your assistance. I did wade through the first 20 pages on the board but did not find a mention of this.
  9. Just off Harmony on 10/13 after 2 weeks. People using their screens to photograph or record during shows is really becoming a big problem, in my opinion. They hold the screens up to take the pic, usually blocking part of the view or at least distracting those behind them. Venue doesn't matter: it happens in Aqua Theater, main show room, and the ice shows. We've noticed this on other Oasis class ships, but it seems to be much more commonplace now. (Besides annoying us on the cruise they'll no doubt hold folks at home hostage to watch them, or worse never even look at them again, but I digress.) Not as big an annoyance as the good old chair hogs, or Diamond Club chair hogs, but it is getting there.
  10. Puckstopper9 is right! (My son is a goalie too.) Before I knew better I punched my card on Anthem and could not open the cabin door. If you don't know, if you don't have to insert your card in the cabin door, or if people are wearing those RCI wristbands, you have RFID cards.
  11. We were amazed how quickly the staff got rid of the limited TX items and got the regular stuff out. Another TX oddity from a few years back (Navigator). As we were heading out of the terminal after collecting our bags, some local employees were asking about whether we had tobacco or alcohol purchases. While such purchases were exempt from Federal duty (we all know the limitations), TX imposed fees on each carton of cigarettes $1 per pack, and alcohol $ per bottle, although I forget the amount. I managed to to avoid it because I was making a big deal out of finding the security desk to reclaim the inch and a half mini Swiss Army knife that they confiscated when we got on board. (Interesting to note that the knives in Chops were the full sized real thing.)
  12. I get it now. At first glance it looks like the balconies are overlooking the pool nearest the viewer. A higher view would have made it clear that Central Park is at the bottom of the canyon. Thanks.
  13. While browsing images related to another topic I posted, I came upon this picture. For the life of me I cannot understand this one. The overlooking balconies look to be clearly a Royal ship, but I cannot remember a situation with a top floor pool (like the top part of the picture) with balconies overlooking another pool. Don't see anything on deck plans that matches this scenario either. Thanks as always.
  14. Wondering: would it have been possible to book the two adjacent weeks and stay aboard for this shuttle? I know many of you are experts on nautical regulations. Thanks.
  15. We've sailed Oasis class many times but this is our first time on Harmony. Oddly enough I have never paid much attention to the Beach Pool. Now, however, a physical limitation (a form of RA) makes climbing the vertical ladders out of the Main and Sport Pools almost impossible. The Solarium Pool was handy because of the steps, but as we know there is not one on Harmony. I think I heard that the Beach Pool was salt water. True? I recall all you entered the Pool on a slope, like of course a real beach. Is this also true? Lastly, is there a hand rail on the sloped surface? Thanks, as always for your assistance.
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