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  1. Can the OBC be used for tipping?
  2. Is there a dress code for breakfast and Lunch? I was wondering if a bathing suit cover-up is acceptable.
  3. Just offered upgrade to 2 bedroom family suite. Does anyone have any pictures or information on these rooms?
  4. I'm sailing on the Pearl 3-17-13 and my Daughter wants to bring her laptop to do some work. What are the costs of internet usage?
  5. Dick D.

    Pearl Dallies Anyone

    Sailing March 17th and would like to see the Pearl Dallies from a recent cruise
  6. Dick D.

    Live from the Pearl! Feb 10-17 2013

    Could you please post the evening Menu's from the main dinning room . I'm on the Pearl March 17th and wanted to see which night's too book the Specialty Rest.'s
  7. I'm arriving on a cruise ship to Ocho Rios. Does anyone have a tour operator to reccomend that could take us to these 3 things.
  8. I'm looking for the Daily activity sheets.
  9. I want to pre-book my dinner reservations in Specialty Rest's and could use a peak at the Dailies to plan accordingly.
  10. Dick D.

    Show times on Pearl?

    I'm cruising on the Pearl on March 17th and wanted to set up dinner reservations in the Specialty Rest's prior to sailing and was wandering the times of the evening shows?
  11. Dick D.

    Admission to Dunn's River Falls?

    I was looking at the Mystic Mountain price for Bobsledd and saw a combo of Bobsledd/ Dunn's River. What is the admission for Dunn's River?
  12. Wanted to do the river tubing , Toboggan and then Dunns River Falls. Anyone reccomend a good independant operator?
  13. I checked priceline and hotwire. Bidding for over a month. I got a full size from west Palm to Miami through Alamo for 43.99 but on the return from Miami to West Palm i found CarRentals.com for 76.61 to be cheapest.
  14. Looking to spend the day at a Beach with food and drinks included. No kids with us and enjoy a swimming pool also. Cost is not a concern , just looking for best Resort to use.
  15. Dick D.

    Ocho Rios Excursion Questions

    Where is the River Tubing located? Is it near Mystic Mountain? Is it near Dunn's River? How far is Mystic Mountain to Dunn's River Falls? Trying to decide on Tubing/Dunn's River or Bobsled/Dunn's River. Deciding if booking through NCL or going independant is the best route.