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  1. Hi minimom, I enjoyed looking through your photos! I noticed you were at Trunk Bay in St. John - did you book this excursion through RCI or take the taxi/ferry to Trunk Bay on your own? We're docked at St. Thomas on the same day as 6 other ships and are concerned about availability of taxis/ferries to Trunk Bay with so many other people there. Any tips? Thanks!
  2. Thanks Randall! Any beach in particular while in Curacao? Would you suggest any tour operators or do you recommend just going to the beach and snorkeling on our own?
  3. Hello all! We're taking our first cruise (RCI Adventure of the Seas) and would like some suggestions for: best places to snorkel reccommended tour operators for snorkelling (other than through RCI) Ports of Call: Aruba, Curacao, St. Thomas, St. Marten, Puerto Rico Thanks :)
  4. Arubalisa - thanks for all your suggestions and tips :) How did your plan work out with your grandmother? We will be traveling with my grandmother and she would like to spend the day at Palm Beach (arrive 8:30am depart 8:00pm). Did you walk into the Radisson and ask for a day pass to access their part of the beach or did you rent chairs/umbrella's from one of the vendors? Also, are there many restaurants/washrooms, etc close by? - I'm concerened about her having to walk far distances to access these facilities.
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