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  1. I actually have cruised solo on Royal. I opted for late fixed dining at a table for 8 . Perhaps this was a coincidence, but 4 of the 8 at this table were solo travelers. I enjoyed this group and it turned out to be a very positive experience. That being said, is it possible to encounter a less than cordial person during a ship activity? Unfortunately, yes. However, don't let it ruin your experience. This is your vacation so make the most of it !
  2. Yes, it should be clear. #4039 was only partially obstructed,
  3. Actually, yes I would. 4039 was not a balcony cabin but it did have floor to ceiling windows from which I could still see the sea. This was a great location and the ship was magnificent. Enjoy!
  4. I just completed a NS cruise in 4039 and the window there was partially obstructed with lifeboat equipoment
  5. NelleS- I, too, am widowed for almost 3 years and I have cruised since my DH's passing, but always with a group or someone on board that I knew. Until yesterday, when I booked a cruise where I will be completely alone. Scary, yes! But I am determined to do this. Good luck to you in making this decision, It took me some time but I am looking forward to this independent journey. Gee, central Florida,,,,me too by way of NJ
  6. It is definitely narrow and in my opinion, should not be classified as a suite at all. The only benefit is the double cruise credits.
  7. I did use this service in December 2016 from the Koningsdam but I am certain that the cost was $25 for my two pieces of luggage. Though I will admit to a bit of nervousness when I arrived at my destination, the luggage arrived without a scratch. By using this service, we were advised that you avoid luggage overweight charges as well, certainly a bonus if you are a port shopper. :cool:
  8. Good for you! Back to cruising. I, too, have lost my DH and will be cruising solo on the Koningsdam this December. I think both of us are showing a lot of courage to resume cruising. I wish you a happy time and new experiences.
  9. I had the same experience. I emailed Coco Reef twice and received no reply. Perhaps it is a busy week for the hotel and they have already reserved their limit...but that's just a guess
  10. Thanks for the wonderful video...will be sailing, also in a Vista Suite, in December.:)
  11. Well, I sure do. Very early in the morning and I've never had a problem.
  12. Don't do it...pay the extra to get the SS of your choice. We were 'upgraded' to an SY handicapped cabin at the very front of the ship. Large stateroom but tiny verandah and noise like you wouldn't believe. The cabin would soometimes vibrate like a tuning fork when docking. Don't take the risk.
  13. We had the same information forwarded by our travel agent. All FLL-FLL voyages visiting Costa Rica require a passport, whether planning to go ashore or not. We are sailing the Zuiderdam on October 27, 2014-Panama Canal Sunfarer.
  14. Please add sassyf for Noordam January 27, 2014 to your list
  15. Just off the Noordam in #5002-indeed a handicapped cabin with tub/shower and separate shower (open) opposite the toilet. The cabin itself was large but the veranda was small and windy. Also, when docking or undocking, that cabin vibrated like a tuning fork....very loud and unpleasant. We got assigned this as an upgrade (seriously question that) from an SZ guarantee and nothing else was available on our sailing. On the plus side, the forward facing window was nice, although it and veranda door were to be blacked out dusk to dawn for navigation purposes. The veranda light was not operational-controlled by the bridge for the same reason. we are not handicapped and did not require this placement. Hope this helps.
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