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  1. Ha!. This brings back an experience from a past Princess cruise. DW and I were sharing a table with another couple (who were new to us) at dinner. I'd say were all in our early-mid 60's. I selected a 'Menage a trois' red wine , and mentioned that I'd always wanted to try a menage a trois. The man made no comment at all, he just sat there, but the lady was trying very hard to not break out laughing. Obviously, the wife knew something her husband didn't. My DW knew what was going on, and had a herd time not laughing, too. The wine was very nice, if I remember correctly.
  2. Caribill, I had read this review several years ago, and it's a great review. We have signed on for the same 6-day connoisseur followed by a southbound cruise to Vancouver for September of this year (2020). The last time I checked - a couple of months ago - none of your pictures showed up other than as blurred copies. Today I checked again and all the great photos are back. I don't know what you did to get them back, but thanks. Thanks again for the the wonderful review.
  3. Thanks ecs66. I did see that. I will have my Galaxy 10+ phone, so I will likely use that, but I am hoping that they will also support the Kindle Fires for the bigger screens.
  4. Thanks for the update. I did find the MedallionClass app via a Google (Chrome) search, and, like you said it returned a 'not compatible' message. Maybe they will update the app by mid-September - my next Medallion Class cruise.
  5. I hope you can make it work. I am at the same point on my Kindle Fire HD 10. GooglePlay can only find the OceanCompass and the PlayOcean, both of which work - but no MedallionClass app is found.
  6. To your second point - when you check your account, either online or on a printout, each purchase shows the point of purchase. Example would be like "Crooner's ... $10.50". If there is a charge from a location you didn't visit , you can take the listing to the Passenger Service desk to get it removed.
  7. I have an inner-ear/balance issue that requires I use a walking stick for balance, even on steady dry land. I need it on board the ships even more-so due to the motion of the ship. I have used a single collapsible walking stick on board (and on excursions) for about 3 years. I have never had any crewmember question its use. I can think of no reason that using two sticks would be a problem.My stick has a removable rubber tip which I use at all times except when walking on hard ice surfaces. Enjoy your cruise(s). Edit to mention that the use of the rubber tips is necessar
  8. The Emerald Princess has the 'Medallion Net' unlimited, fast internet now, but the 'Medallion Class' cruises will not be implemented until August of 2020.
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