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  1. Sorry to hear another distressing story. I shall always take my luggage with me and I suspect that you will also.
  2. How sad that is. I shall never place my luggage outside again.
  3. You are so right. I had things just like that in my case which I know means nothing to the thief but so meaningful to me and they were just probably thrown into the garbage. One knows that money or expensive jewelry is never placed into a suitcase so one wonders why it was taken. My luggage did not scream out expensive. It was just ordinary luggage.
  4. Of course I had many luggage tags with my name. Also colorful ribbons and all kinds of things to designate that it was mine. My name all over it and inside. Stayed till the last luggage was taken and then stayed some more. It is a month now. Nothing. It was stolen.
  5. Thank you so much... I have learned a harsh lesson. I shall never place my luggage out the cabin door
  6. The best is to protect yourself by NOT PLACING LUGGAGE out the cabin door. Money doesn't replace so many things.
  7. The important thing here is that they don't protect your belongings. They just want to get you off the ship quickly. They don't warn people that they are really not responsible for the luggage once they have it.
  8. We placed our luggage outside of the cabin door the night before The Anthem arrived at Bayonne on May 19,2019. The next morning at the pier it was missing. They could not find it and I asked if they check that passengers take their own luggage. They said they don't have too.. not even airports check and why should they. To make a very sad story short, it is a month and they said it was "lost," but I know it was stolen. I lost all my beautiful clothes, pants, dresses, tops, bathing suits and all other personal things which are so dear to me and cannot be replaced. I am so sad. They will only pay up to $300 dollars for everything according to the contract we sign in order to obtain our ticket. The luggage itself almost costs that amount. They do not protect our belongings. It should be stated that place your things out the door at your own peril. I am giving a heads up to all. Carry ALL your things off the ship yourself. Has anyone else had an experience like this? I am sick over this... and I thought I should warn you all...so sad.
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