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  1. I have planned several friends and family cruises as the self proclaimed Cruise director. I always try to give my group members a gift each day - espicially the kids. Water bottles - soft sided lunch boxes w/lunch for excursion days - back pacs for the kids - Shopping Bags for the ladies - Cigars for the guys - also send a case of water to your room via the porter. after opening the case use an address label that you print with an easy label program from office depot with a catchy phrase and a photo like "Its Refreshing to cruise with Family". Dont stress over the details and make sure you have plenty of relaxation for yourselfs. Nothing beats a cruise....................Enjoy
  2. Hey Guys we are in Thanks for setting up this thread - should be helpfull as the cruise aproaches. We are excited about going on our FIRST Gay cruise. Joel is from PR so we will be flying in early and staying over a few days on both ends. Considering staying at the Sheraton so we can meet a few of you at the bar the night before. Hope we fit in well....:D :cool: So far looks like the Cruise Critic contingent consists of; Fidel & George - NJ Tyler & Paul - Kansas City Premiumrican – NYC (djg30084) Dennis & Richard (et al) – Atlanta Neil & Paul – Toronto Kyle & Dan – Denver Chris – Denver (wolfatlga) Roy & Marty – Atlanta (crispycrttr)Christina & Mary – NJ (afflier) Lenny – Washington DC 02143 – Sommerville Mississippi Gibby7072 – Boston Tucan Bryan & Joel - Central Florida
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