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  1. Erica@cruisecritic

    Same AzAmazing Evening on consecutive cruises!

    Um, there was French music and they did the can-can?
  2. Erica@cruisecritic

    Shower curtains on Pursuit?

    Update: she says they have not yet weighted the curtains and they still cling. :(
  3. Erica@cruisecritic

    Shower curtains on Pursuit?

    I'm 6 feet tall and definitely had issues in that shower, mostly because my elbows would bang into things and knock them over and then I'd bend over to pick them up and that was problematic. I happened to be cruising at the same time as Azamara's COO who said they had a design team working on a better shower solution for Pursuit and they couldn't find a workable solution. I'll ask my colleague who's on Pursuit to see if this happened, but the COO said the plan was to weight the shower curtains so they wouldn't swing and cling so much.
  4. Erica@cruisecritic

    Same AzAmazing Evening on consecutive cruises!

    I saw the ice show in Marseille the first time Azamara offered that evening. Let me say that everyone who saw it (including the cruise director) will agree with me that you are better off going to the same AzAmazing Evening twice in a row than seeing the ice show. It's a testament to the line wanting to offer good experiences to its guests that they canned that show. ;) That said, I totally understand your frustration with the change.
  5. Erica@cruisecritic

    Vegetarian options

    Yes, that's right! And that suite was incredible. ;-) Enjoy your Seabourn cruise -- it's a great line! And you can special order (with 24-48 hours notice) whatever type of meal you like, whether that's Indian or Thai or a specific dish. I find with Seabourn and vegetarian eating that you will have the best results if you just ask for what you want (do you have tofu you can add to that stirfry? can you make this interesting dish without the meat?), rather than assume that if it's not in print on a menu, you can't have it.
  6. Erica@cruisecritic

    Vegetarian options

    I guess I should have said not as much diversity in proteins vs. lack of. And don't get me wrong -- I love me some cheese and pasta! But sometimes I get bored with them. Or feel like I'm gaining too much weight! (And the bigger ships don't necessarily have the edge here, either, in my experience.) The great thing about Seabourn is that you can special order, and the crew is so lovely about trying to accommodate.
  7. Erica@cruisecritic

    Vegetarian options

    As someone who's pescatarian when cruising, I can say that Seabourn is not my favorite line for vegetarian food. Your best bet is the Restaurant, and making special requests. (Had a fabulous vegetarian Indian dinner, specially ordered.) The Colonnade is very rarely veggie-friendly. If your ship has Earth and Ocean, that venue also has some good veggie choices. So helpful that they give you the menus the night before so you can decide. The Patio has a veggie burger that's yummy and made onboard, but it's not on the menu so you have to know to ask. My biggest issue with cruising while vegetarian on the majority of cruise lines is that vegetarian options are meant to look fancy and involve a lot of pasta and cheese, while there is a real lack of vegetarian proteins (tofu, beans, lentils, etc.). Also always ask specifically about soup stock when contemplating a vegetarian-sounding soup.
  8. I had an amazing three-day tour with TJ Travel, and I wrote a story about things to consider when planning an independent (private or group) tour in SPB. You can find the story here, and I'm happy to answer questions about the experience, too. https://www.cruisecritic.com/articles.cfm?ID=1304
  9. Erica@cruisecritic

    Live from Silversea Galapagos! (July 7, 2018)

    Thanks for the reports! My friend and her boyfriend (both 40-somethings) are going on Silver Galapagos this year. They live in California, Silicon Valley, where dress is so casual, lots of jeans and T-shirts. She says her boyfriend owns no slacks other than jeans. I told her about the official Silversea dress code, but I'm wondering, is dinner dress in the Galapagos just as strict as on other ships and on other itineraries? In other words, would a button-down shirt, nice shoes and jeans work in the restaurant or get you kicked out? I will pass on advice from those who have done this cruise. (I've already told her to buy him some khakis!) Thanks.
  10. Erica@cruisecritic

    The Retreat - how much is it being used ?

    Interesting about comped vs. sold out -- I didn't think to ask that question! I am definite, however, about the opening of the shutters (on Ovation only). I'm attaching a photo. However, the hotel director did say that cabanas are first come, first served, so if you're only interested in a cabana with opening shutters, there's no way to guarantee one when booking.
  11. Erica@cruisecritic

    The Retreat - how much is it being used ?

    Just a note to say that on Ovation, the 6 side-facing cabanas now have plantation shutters that open to the sea views. So a small improvement. I wasn't able to do more than tour The Retreat because it was SOLD OUT on the one sea day on our jam-packed seven-day Baltic itinerary. That despite the weather being rather chilly but I guess once booked, people aren't going to cancel for possible weather.
  12. You might find this Cruise Critic story on this topic interesting: Secret Agent Deals: How to Find Prices Cruise Lines Don't Offer https://www.cruisecritic.com/articles.cfm?ID=1129
  13. Erica@cruisecritic

    Solo dining options

    I did the same -- made a reservation for 3 or 4, and asked people I met on the cruise (mainly from my trivia team), if they'd like to join me. This was on Silver Whisper. Also, FWIW, there were at least two tables with solo diners at La Dame the night I was there, and people from different tables were chatting with each other (though I don't know how common that is -- we might have had a social night).
  14. Here's a link to Cruise Critic's news story, with quotes from an interview with the two chairmen: https://www.cruisecritic.com/news/news.cfm?ID=8706
  15. Erica@cruisecritic

    Viking compared to Oceania?

    We've got a feature on this topic, too: Viking vs. Oceania Cruises https://www.cruisecritic.com/articles.cfm?ID=2620