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  1. Has anyone ventured to a beach where you can swim with the turtles? What beach? How long to get there? Private tour guide or, on our own with taxi? We will be in port from 8-5. We would like to do something memorable in Martinique. Any advice is appreciated.
  2. Four recent incidents for Carnival while other lines are all having, seemingly, smooth sailings, begs the question.... What are the managerial issues plaguing this line???? Are there grievanced employees? Is this possibly sabotage? Are employees underpaid and not valued and/or respected? It is apparent that someone is not accountable. Whether it's the CEO or, the entire attitude of the CCCL family, something isn't working and that's obvious with the disastrous recent events. Change is always good and necessary. This is CCCL's time for that change before they are bankrupt.
  3. Oh yes... taxi prices in St. Lucia were the highest we paid in any other port, including Barbados, St. Thomas, St. Kitts, St. Maarten and Puerto Rico. There's no escaping it, unfortunately. There were three of us going to Pigeon Island. So, figure on $20 round trip, pp. It took approximately 25-30 mins. to get there, but so worth the time and money!
  4. We were there 2 weeks ago. Our second visit to St. Maarten. First time there we went to Orient and did the Rhino Riders. This time, we just wanted an easy beach day, closeby. Within walking distance from the ship is Great Bay Beach. It has a boardwalk feel to it. Food, beverage, parasailing, water trampolines, and jet ski rentals. It took us 20 minutes, tops, to walk there. We bartered(trust me...everyone will approach you... so, work a bargain!) 5 beach chairs, 2 umbrellas and 10 drinks... your choice of beers/wines/sodas... for $40. Each business along the walk, offers you these "deals", as well as, use of their restrooms. The beach was absolutely magnificent, clean and beautiful. The water was clear and an amazing turquoise color. We could see our ship off in the distance. I was a firm believer that I would have to travel by taxi to find a beautiful beach worth sitting at all day. This beach has forever changed my opinion. It was idealic. p.s. The Hardrock St. Maarten is in this strip and it looked great too! We walked further down and managed to work a better deal for chairs/drinks/umbrellas. Have fun!
  5. Stayed at Embassy 2 wks. ago. Isla Verde Beach is 2 blocks away. Embassy has a roped off area for guests w/umbrellas and chairs. Pueblo market, around the backside of the hotel. They sell wine and liquor. The Outback Steakhouse is in the lobby and the steaks were delicious. No reservation was necessary. Manager's reception where munchies and drinks are on the house. Breakfast is delicious, hot and abundant. The room was big and clean. Yes, we did hear the music in the lobby during the nighttime hours. If you are at all familiar with The Luxor in Las Vegas, the hotel is set up similar to that. Open lobby, extending all the way to the roof, glass elevators. So, the sound does manage to bounce around and yes, you will hear it if you are a light sleeper. We closed our bedroom door and I was still able to hear it. It stopped around 3 a.m. I usually travel with earplugs, but was too tired to get up and put them in. The pool area is very nice with a waterfall, food, towel service. It's very close to the airport so you will hear/see the planes land. Not a big deal for us. The price of staying at Embassy, combined with the manager's reception and the amazing breakfast they serve is well worth the stay here. I highly recommend it! Despite, the music at night, this would be our first choice again. Old San Juan is beautiful and very close to the port, but too cramped for our liking. Good luck!
  6. Yes! I almost forgot about the Outback right in the lobby! Easy, convenient and good. We ate their our first night. We did venture to an authentic Spanish restaurant on our second evening in P.R. We consulted with the concierge and she headed us in the right direction for authentic Paella, located a short distance from the hotel! Incredible... umm!
  7. We were there 2 weeks ago on Victory. We inquired with the local woman at the information kiosk once off the ship. We told her we wanted a peaceful, quiet beach for the day, where the entire ship DOESN'T go. She guided us to Pigeon Island. OMG... what a dream! $5 pp entry fee, facilities, great snorkeling(saw angel fish, huge 15" starfish, urchins). A local, in his dingy came by, blowing his conch shell, selling, fresh mangos, coconuts, conchs, bananas. I jumped in the water, waist deep, and bought a coconut for $2. He lopped off the end with his machete and I drank and ate a fresh coconut right on the beach! How cool was that? It's a short ride past Rodney Bay, which is a zoo, from other cruisers! The vistas you will see when you take a short hike are ones for the history books. Absolutely amazing! I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Pigeon Island. The ruins are still standing and quite interesting to see. I believe the taxi was $30 one-way. St. Lucia is very high on transportation charges. Gas is over $5 a gallon there. But, it's well worth the trip! Pure serenity and tranquility! Enjoy!
  8. Sheraton, within walking distance to the pier or Condado, in the heart of Old San Juan. Do not miss El Morro for vistas that are unmatched! Enjoy!
  9. Sheraton, within walking distance to the pier or Condado, in the heart of Old San Juan. Do not miss El Morro for vistas that are unmatched! Enjoy!
  10. After 15" of snow overnight and still coming... I'd take any beach right now too! I thought that darn rodent Phil promised an early spring??? I personally like Frigate Bay compared to Cockelshell. We didn't want a beach where the majority of the ship went. Really wanted a decent snorkeling experience and we didn't get that. Views of Nevis were pretty though. Oh well, there's always next time. And by next time, I mean Frigate or S. Friars for us! Enjoy!
  11. Sue, We were there last week. From pier to Cockelshell, 25-30 minutes. I can't offer you my opinion on Valley Church... haven't been there. Cockelshell is over-crowded, too murky for snorkeling, constant barrage of woman offering aloe massages. But, there is food and facilities and we got to see the infamous Wilbur the blind pig. If you like crowds, Cockelshell is the beach for you. We didn't care for it. Wish we went to Frigate or S. Friars. Lots of conch shells at Cockelshell though, so that was pretty.
  12. Marysunshine, I agree with Rick 100%! We stayed there 2 wks. ago for 2 nights before our Victory cruise. The pool are is lovely & the manager's special is wonderful! Get there early and order a few drinks at once. The lines do get long! The breakfast buffet is crazy-good. It rivals the buffet on the ship! For what they give you it doesn't seem cost effective for Embassy to put on such an elaborate spread but, that alone is worth the price of staying there. Bacon, sausage, omelet station, yogurts, danishes, hash browns, cereals, etc. Very well done. Pueblo, the grocery store, is just around the corner. We went. Make sure you go during the daylight hours ONLY. We were warned P.R. can get ugly once the sun goes down. It's around the backside of the hotel and I wouldn't walk it at night. Allow a half hr. to get the the port from Embassy. Longer, if traffic is heavy. Make sure your driver quotes you his fare before you get in at Embassy. Visit Old San Juan! It's gorgeous... especially El Morro!!! Absolutely beautiful!
  13. I believe we paid $10pp to Sapphire Beach. When we exited Victory, taxis are at the ready to take you wherever you wish to go. No problem whatsoever getting one. We informed one taxi driver we wanted to beach-it the entire day. He already had his open-air taxi half-filled with people who were willing to do a 1.5 hr. island tour/beach w/him as our guide. We weren't interested in that... just beach time. Don't settle if you want to just go to Sapphire or any other beach. We found another taxi guy with his taxi filled w/just beachgoers so we joined them. Taxi driver's will approach you(almost bombard you) so be ready to negotiate your fare and where you want to go. Have fun! p.s. We were very grateful we didn't do the 1.5 hr. island tour, then beach time. I would have been loosing my lunch with those windy roads.
  14. We went to Sapphire Beach last week on Carnival Victory. It took us approximately 30 minutes to get there. Traffic was moderately heavy. Be warned, taxi's drive fast, roads are windy and they drive on the left. We, along with fellow passengers in the open air bus, were a little nauseated there and back. But, Sapphire is worth the trip! It was a great beach. Certainly less crowded than most. Negotiate and re-negotiate your cab fare... always. Have fun, you'll love Sapphire!
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