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  1. H82seaUgo

    Recent Commercials for Carnival

    and here is when i finally saw them going after the camping crowd, with an oh so irresponsible gas container in plain sight.
  2. H82seaUgo

    Recent Commercials for Carnival

    exhausting would be explaining this to my board:
  3. H82seaUgo

    Recent Commercials for Carnival

    the last three commercials i saw were telling me a carnival vacation was better than being in a cesspool filled pool, stuck on an upside roller coaster, or being attacked by bears. that of course as long as you were on a ccl ship still under its own power. i wasn't too surprised when i heard they were getting rid of mcmahon and tate.
  4. H82seaUgo

    Carnival sues BAE Systems

    i guess that act of God thing doesn't come into play here.
  5. H82seaUgo

    Carnival Destiny generator issues

    looks like i was overly optimistic. and wrong.
  6. H82seaUgo

    Carnival Corp: New SVP of Communications

    imagine where the stock will soar, when they show uncle gerry the door.
  7. H82seaUgo

    Carnival Corp: New SVP of Communications

    betcha the b word disappears from the ccl vernacular.
  8. H82seaUgo

    Carnival Corp: New SVP of Communications

    i think we all know what he has to shut downn first, or reign in.
  9. H82seaUgo

    Bob Dickinson's back?

    really. what button did you check on to agree to that? ever read these boards using the 'new' button? you can end up on any board.
  10. H82seaUgo

    Triumph docked backwards

    could be anything. currents, life boat manouvers, paint job, inspection, etc. but i hope that they have learned they need to be more transparent than to hide from the media. thats what bit them in the aft..
  11. H82seaUgo

    Charges on my sign and sail aren't mine

    there are many times something shows up on my bill that ii din't recognize. the the brain dies some subprocessing and ii remember what the charge is; its just that its classified funky.
  12. H82seaUgo

    Sunshine propulsion issue pt 2

    worse will it being unstable for the trip back. would hate to lose propulsion mid atlantic. if the rumors are true about nola, maybe they can donate the ship to costa.
  13. H82seaUgo

    Sunshine propulsion issue pt 2

    moreso being she doesn't even have azipods.
  14. H82seaUgo

    New menus coming

    the problem with all you have posted is the cost per passenger on meals per day is still less than $10, and hasn't risen much in the past 4 to 5 years.
  15. hard to believe its almost 50 years since my one and only visit to virginia beach, where after checking in, we were handed something to protect us from the pollutants in the water, and then watching all the tankers entering and exiting the chesapeake bay. now someones worried about 2 ships, when mother nature burps out a volcano when she needs ecological balance? in man vs mother nature, mother nature is in full control and will win evvery time.