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  1. Our second cruise but first of many with Princess. We did a Mediterranean Cruise on the Emerald in 2008, first time to Europe. Loved Europe with it's beautiful architecture and so much history to experience. It was quite sobering to look out over the Colosseum and realize what horrible events happened here.
  2. First of all, thank you CruzeQueen2 for your comments about the symphony which sent me online to search for the video. Apparently it took two days to put everything together. It buoyed my spirits watching it so promptly started to forward to friends. In these strange times, we need positive things to help us thru. Just finished a cup of tea along with a Princess chocolate from our last cruise in September. DH gave me his every night so I squirreled them both away to bring home (his and my chocolates not him!). I enjoy a piece of chocolate every once in a while to remind me how much w
  3. Have only read a few pages when a poster mentioned this youtube video of members of the Toronto Symphony Orchestra playing Copeland’s Applacian Spring. Watch and enjoy. Forgive me if it has already been posted. Sandy
  4. Personally, first time in Paris, would recommend that see what you can but not spend it at the Louvre. It is a three hour trip into Paris and the same returning. This was in 2012. We took the Princess shuttle into Paris and then spent around 3 1/2 hours on our own. We had three things on our list we hoped to see: The Eiffel Tower/Trocadero, Notre Dame (sadly, can't do that now) and l'arc de triomphe. We caught a taxi at Notre Dame to drop us off at l'arc and then, luckily, got on a bus to take us back to our Princess pick up spot. Should mention that the Avenue des Champs-Élysées was
  5. I am considering a solo cabin. Is there a grab bar in the shower and where is the toilet. Thanks for posting photos.
  6. There is usually a photo display near passenger services which shows names of some you might wish to invite to your M&G. It is always better to address envelopes and invitation with the names of invited guests. We have always enjoyed having many crew attend our M&Gs but it is not always possible for them as duty will call. Some captains aren’t that personable while others enjoy meeting Cruise Critic passengers. Would also suggest that if you see the cruise director, invite him/her personally and ask they can find out if others received your invitation. Sometimes crew simply does n
  7. Thank you h-sar for your kindess in taking photos of the chairs. Unfortunately they tell me that I will never get DH on this particular ship. It is what it is. Thanks again and have a Happy New Year. Sandy
  8. I have a question about the chairs in the Marketplace. From the photos, they all look the same. When we were on the CB recently the did have those chairs but also another choice. The back was more solid down to the seat with just a vertical cutout in middle. Are there any on the Sky like this? Thanks for posting all the pictures and the comments of life onboard. Sandy
  9. Fabulous photo. Love that one can see all the layers and colours in the clouds. Sandy
  10. Unfortunately, crew only does this for a few days and then they give up. We were on the CB last month and was happy to see the hand washing stations. One time a group walked right by without either using Purell or the sink to wash hands. Then I saw the man swipe his nose with his hand. Called him on it but it was like talking to a brick wall. Do my best to take sanitizer with me and use it after going thru the Markeplace and before eating.
  11. If you are on the royal class ships like the royal, the showerhead in the nini suite is on a hose that you can pull down. You can request a bath seat for the tub which you should do ahead of time. I used to do that until I had a bad experience of a provided seat which belonged in the garbage as it was defective, old and in horrible shape so it was an accident waiting to happen. Thankfully on that particular cruise we spent time in London before hand and since the hotel did not have bath seats available, we took one with us. Since then I purchased a bath stool instead of a bath bench, both
  12. When we were on The Royal, most trivia games were in Club 6. Evening games were in Princess Live. You are correct that Princess Live is not a comfortable place nor the best place for trivia IMHO but it is what it is.
  13. Hope you post along the way. Have been patiently waiting for the CB to leave port...sure is late. Listening to the chatter. A bit ago it was mentioned about meeting two guests and wonder if they were going on the CB. Now they are about to weigh anchor and get underway. Have an awesome cruise.
  14. Thank you very much rdsgrl for your kindness in letting us know about the taxi situation. We so very much appreciate having this knowledge beforehand. My luggage is on spinner wheels, DH's isn't so a porter will be worthwhile. Enjoy your time in Quebec City and safe journey when you head home. Sandy
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