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  1. We too. Our vacation in September included a few days In Munich at the Oktoberfest before the Passion Play, then a Danube River Cruise, followed by a few days in Budapest. It’s disappointing, but not unexpected. The passion play was the main reason for the trip, so we want to reschedule the full trip and hope to recreate the itinerary in 2022.
  2. Please post your review and scan your dailies upon return
  3. Any returning passengers from the Southern Caribbean with Dalies to share?
  4. 🤣🤣🤣 what’s your go to spot for pre dinner drinks!??!??
  5. Bummer. What’s your go to go sour for pre dinner delinks?
  6. Is there a bar that is similar to the Spinnaker with sunset views for pre dinner drinks on the Epic?
  7. Exactly what concert is the optional Viennese Concert?
  8. I just booked a River Cruise on the Monarch Empress with Gate One. I have been unable to find a roll call or board on cruise critic for this line. Can anyone help? And anyone traveled this ship/line with some tips? We are booked for the September 20, 2020 Danube Oberammagau tour.
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