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  1. We are going on Indy, staying in a Suite and DW was just diagnosed with Celiac Disease. We have MyTime Dining but have read it is better if eating in Main Dining Room to change to scheduled dining. I am not sure if we will change or not because we like some of the Specialty Restaurants. As a Suite Guest, we can get Room Service off the Main Dining menu and may do that. How well does Room Service do with Gluten Free ordering? Or should we stick with the Wind Jammer? Any recommendations for ordering?
  2. Thanks. Looking for info on the single plug that is not on the desk side.
  3. Good afternoon, I am looking to see what type of outlet (110 or 220) is in the master bedroom on the non-desk side. I have seen videos that show a single outlet under the lamp and appear to be 220v, but can't tell for sure. Any help verifying would be appreciated. Thanks
  4. Where are the free water locations on the Liberty if I am not getting a beverage package. Thanks.
  5. We have just returned from Mariner that went to Labadee and had a beach lounger clamshell on Adrenaline Beach and enjoyed it, but my DW has knee issues getting in/out of the water. We have another cruise scheduled for the end of August which also goes back to Labadee. It was very rocky in the water and the sand was steep and very soft going up to the beach lounger clamshells. Are any of the other beaches on Labadee easier to get into/out of for people with knee/foot issues? Any help or suggestions would be appreciated. Thank you.
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