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  1. We are plat on Carnival and we are thinking of booking the Transatlantic next April. My husband loves the casino so I have to ask how is it with the smokiness compared to your experiences on CCL? Sorry if this has been answered already I am only on page 2 but wanted to ask.
  2. Except that from the looks of it one of the "perks" has been removed from the loyalty program and yet still being given to those who pay.
  3. When DD was little we did the Princess Tea at the Grand Floridian in WDW. I didn't realize they did them on the cruises. I saw then when doing my check-in but alas she is too old and we can't. Would I do it more than once? No, but I really wanted to book this for the memories.
  4. We did a b2b on the Conquest over Halloween and the week after. We were in lido balcony 9289 which was steps from the door that let you out to the lido pool area. LOVED the location. We also LOVED the violin trio on the ship. I wrote to John Heald about them and also told the entertainment director how much we enjoyed them. I hope they add more to other ships.
  5. I think I would have to go with one that has a Tandoor Grill as well. Although the Vista would get my attention too. Have fun!!!
  6. I was on your cruise and all I remember for Halloween dessert was a choice of cheesecake or chocolate cake. They were both Halloween themed (decorated) but nothing spectacular. We did the Chef's table later in the cruise and I would do it again, Halloween or no.
  7. In this case no. If you've ever had Noro then you would know you want to die. Just lay down and die. I would rather be at work than that sick ever again. My DD got the bug on our cruise, different line and several years ago. We kept her contained and managed to get her home. My first day home I was getting ready for work and that was it. I was down for the count. It is bad. Our cruise is lovingly called the Death Cruise.
  8. I have never heard of them waiving the all adults must buy. If that's the case then why give people with medical problems a hard time and tell them no?
  9. I'm wondering how they managed to set a towel on fire if that is indeed the source. And I am one with severe lung issues that would be very ill if I had to stay in a cabin that reeked of smoke after a fire. I honestly don't think I could do it. My current lung function is around 30% and no it isn't from smoking. Glad fire is out and no serious injuries.
  10. We are just turning plat on our next cruise so we will be trying the ships service for the first time. My husband is a laundry freak and will usually do laundry once, twice and maybe more when we cruise (7+ days). I usually try to get a cabin fairly close to the facilities and we try to do it on off times. We always carry a folding hamper that folds flat and slides into the front pocket of one of our suitcases. We used to use the 3 in 1 sheets but now just carry the pods with us.
  11. I just ordered 2 sets of $100 cards and they came UPS signature required. I ordered $500 of each though. THey were out of the $500 ones.
  12. For our upcoming cruise my husband had a casino offer that got us a great rate. How do we know what "level" it is? For what it's worth we have never qualified for the DOU card. We are just happy we got a great rate but extra's would be nice too.
  13. Can you give us a little more information about the 80's party. Is it a formal meet the Captain affair or is it Valley Girl/Madonna Big hair, leggins, leg warmers etc parties? I would hate to meet the captain doing my best Madonna impersonation. Or is there both on the same day? Please help us. Boarding on 2 B2B Journeys cruises in 29 days.
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