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  1. Thanks, all for the great info. We have MTD at 7 so we'll probably make the 9:45 show as making the 7:45 will be too rushed. When we board maybe I'll try to change the dining time to 6:30. We'll see how that works out. Do you remember what the mealsl were on each night...theme nights or regular menu. I remember the food to be pretty good...not fancy restaurant quality but good and nice selection. We've never had a problem finding something we liked. I'm glad we decided to go to Junkanoo instead of paying for a resort for a day...the prices are crazy now. When we cruised several years ago, we went to the Melia for the day and the price was about $ 60...however, the Melia is under construction now so the beach will be fine and then back to the ship if we get tired of it. Many thanks, again....just did our check in and printed out our luggage tags...now to pray for good weather. Amy
  2. Thanks, Andrew....yes, just got the email with the cruise docs...was so happy to see the luggage tags. I want to pack now, lol, but my husband says I'm crazy. It's been too long since we've cruised. We'll probably go to the beach early in the am and come back to the ship right after lunch. July is hot so we'll most likely take a taxi, instead of walking. Maybe we'll see you on board....thanks again Amy
  3. Thanks for the info.....how did you like Junkanoo? We thought we just go there for a bit instead of paying for a resort for a day. Not too crazy about Nassau but my husband loves the water. A question about the entertainment....do they have a show every night....time? Thanks for the help. We haven't cruised since Covid so really looking forward to the trip Amy
  4. Thanks for the review....we are going on the July 21st 3 night cruise. We haven't been on the Freedom in several years so looking forward to seeing the old girl, again. We also plan to just go to Junkanoo beach for a bit. How far is it from the port....? Can you take a cab or just walk. Thanks, Amy
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