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  1. Hi I can see on day 1 the deluxe drinks package offer… does anyone know if this is on all sailings and what the price is on board please? we go on 25th oct sailing and have pre purchased which was on offer £47 pd I think. Thanks
  2. Thanks for all the updates, we are on Anthem on 25th October, hoping it’s not too busy! Is there anywhere you can dance? What’s Schooner bar like in an evening please? We have previously had some fab nights pre-Covid of course!
  3. No prob! Yes it was available we saw early on but didn’t take much notice as we decided not to bother due to the bar menus being very different at each venue and quite a few drinks we liked were over the £6.95 price, which you then had to pay the full price minus 20%. We saw the bottles of spirits to purchase for your room and these were in 1 litre bottles and really good prices.
  4. Hi just recently off - disembarkation and taking your own luggage off - you have to go to guest services and register to do so and ask for a time. I think the earliest was 6am. We got off at 7 and it was very quiet and very quick. From leaving our room, getting the lift and to the car took 15 minutes! You can add cash any time on to your account at guest services. On the 11/9 sailing only 3 of the MDRs were open. We used Coral and Pearl and they had the same menu (we asked) and looked very similar, decor colour was different. I don’t think they were mixing groups of people if not travelled together, we didn’t ask for a larger table so someone else may know. Have a great time, Claudine
  5. Hi. Due to sail on 25th October. Completed first part of check in with details but can’t select boarding time and no email info received for testing. No unlimited dining package that I can see and drinks package £54 each per day - just wondering is that similar to other sailing dates?
  6. Here’s a pic from the front of the ship walking back along the promenade deck 8 and you can see how narrow the deck is with the balconies on the left.
  7. So I hope these come through… conservatory mini suite room 9515, which we loved. Below on deck 8 seating underneath which lit up at night. Noise wasn’t a problem and generally it was quite private unless we were hanging off the balcony!
  8. Glad you’ve found the info helpful 😎 For us the attraction was timing (first cruise for 23 months & a staycation) and a new ship / new cabin type with the conservatory. Oh and a child free cruise! If we were cruising regularly again I wouldn’t chose this ship again unless a 2-3 night to Bruges or similar. As for families - very young may be ok but I think for children 11+ they would be bored. My teen certainly would be. So glad we tried & the weather made a huge difference but there were things just not for us.
  9. Thanks for sharing. In the MDR it was slightly different - no beef Wellington but beef fillet (or similar) and with plain roast potatoes and I’m sure there were slight variations on a starter and deserts that we had. Nothing major but I think your menu was more appealing, to me anyway. In the centrum there was a ‘help’ station someone sorting out app queries etc on most days.
  10. The captain announced that due to Covid measures he won’t be walking around with his senior officers and were keeping to their ‘bubble’ but he made daily 6pm announcements.
  11. Hi If driving I’m sure it was gate 12 - it is in an Information email from P&O which is quite long but tells you where to go if driving or being dropped off. For the drive in testing it felt like we were driving forever down a long road to nowhere but there are staff in jackets along the route waving you on. We and a few others were confused as to where to go afterwards. If you don’t leave the dock area back on to the main road and tempted to try and keep inside the docks area, you will get caught in another cruise line testing area (Celebrity we saw). It was a short drive to join the right gate to the Ocean terminal and signposted well.
  12. We were concerned that it would be a nightmare because of the boat show, but it was absolutely fine. A few minutes wait at the lights heading to the terminal - this was around 11.15am so not sure about later in the day but we were really pleased, no complaints and the drop off area looked fine too.
  13. Sailed 11th September in a conservatory mini suite. We have previously sailed with P&O a couple of times, otherwise lots on Royal so not new to cruising. Parking - left it too late however managed on the morning due to a glitch in CPS system and they honoured it. Valet parking, no issues, very good. Testing - we had a boarding time of 11.45 so arrived at the drive in testing at 11.30, quite a few in front. They started the testing at 11.45 and it was super quick. We didn't realise you have to leave the gate area and go back along the main road and into the Ocean terminal. By the time we got to CPS parking our texts had come in so all good. Embarcation - didn't take too long. We were the first lot to board, this was about 12.50pm and they were checking that only the 11.45am people were going through. So from when we started at the testing centre to getting on board was 1 hour 20 mins so not bad (we didn't think). Rooms available at 1.30pm. Conservatory Mini Suite - we had room 9515 with a corner balcony which we spent quite a bit of time on as weather amazing. Champagne in fridge, The White Room toiletries gift set, chocolates. Also had an invite for lunch for that day so we went - buffet style with complimentary drinks - all very nice and unexpected. We used the conservatory mostly in the mornings and it was a lovely space. The App - overall it was fine, only one day it didn't work. Managed to booked the entertainment and a couple of restaurants when we first got on board. The main dining rooms virtual queues open on the day - we didn't have an issue waiting any longer than 10 minutes and we ate at different times. The good thing was 'my diary' which showed you everything you had booked for the day (my bookings didn't list in date order) and you can cancel anything easily. Drinks menus for each bars was on there. Also booked the internet just to use WhatsApp messaging - one day it was down but we got a refund after letting guest services know. Really good to see what you have spent too. One thing we found strange - wanted a drink at The Glass House - plenty of tables free and was asked if we had booked a table - no - so then was asked to join the virtual queue. We did that in front of the staff member and then he said OK I'll take you to your table... not sure the point but hey ho. Restaurants - we booked Epicurean on day one. It was ok - and was only half price which we hadn't seen mentioned but came through on the bill on app as half price. We loved The Olive Grove - most things complimentary, the food was great and nice area. The Beach House too we tried one evening - probably more of a lunch thing for us and we found a bit strange as it was part of The Quays area but staff were great. We missed Chefs Table on the 'celebration' night. Couldn't find out where to book it and this apparently is only part of The Beach House, but we may not have looked in the right place. The dining room we used was Coral - a couple of times it wasn't too exciting but the staff and food quality was excellent - tried for dinner and breakfast. Tried The Glass House and that was very good. The Quays was standard buffet with good choice. We liked Horizon with the different areas and this was really quiet for breakfast (also used on last morning before leaving and it was still quiet). Husband is wheat intolerant and there is a fantastic choice for gluten free food - and if in the dining room they let you book the following evening food and you could decide if it was for you or not. Pools - loved the infinity pools but it was busy, back to back sun loungers and a lot of people left their towels there (and other areas) for a very long time without going back. Little hot tubs on the side were fun to try. We didn't go much in the covered dome pool area, it was too nice to be inside. Tried the tennis which was great. Bars overall excellent. We didn't go for the drinks package as a lot of drinks we like were outside of the pricing and we thought not great to pay for the whole drink rather than the difference. Shame your drinks choices are limited per bar ie you can't get a mojito at all the bars but that wasn't a big issue. Covid felt very safe - probs safer than back home! Mask wearing wasn't an issue, everything cleaned down - we saw teams in the early morning cleaning every sun bed. We missed no dancing or singing - shame because the shows were great. Sonia the singer from the 80's was on board, Tucker the comedian was good, Ben McBean a former Royal Marine who lost his arm and leg in Afghanistan gave a very moving talk. Anyway had a fab time, very relaxed and spoilt with the weather, not to mention 1 whale and a lot of dolphins! Happy to try and answer any questions. Claudine
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