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  1. Day 67 and finally ...... drum roll.🥁 deposit and balance both arrived back onto my credit cards! The frustration has been unbelievable. So much stress. I really don’t think I can book another P&O cruise in the future. I will have to consider my options. Princess is my cruise line of choice but I realise of course they are from the same stable. Good luck to everyone still waiting for resolution. xx
  2. I have also just received an email notifying me that my refund was processed on May 20th. Still not showing as pending on my credit card but at least some progress has been made. Fingers crossed it’s for the full amount when it arrives.
  3. I have just received a reply from guest relations informing me that it will be a 60 day ‘minimum’ before my refund is processed. Not at all pleased. This is so frustrating!
  4. Has anyone had a refund yet? I cancelled on 17/03/20 but have still not received anything. Got a cancellation notice showing 50% when I should get a full refund as my partner is over 70. 10 minutes later I received a booking confirmation for the same cruise??? I haven’t tried to contact them again as I realise they are inundated but I can’t afford to lose over £3000. Any ideas?
  5. I cancelled our May 17th cruise on 17th March, requesting a full refund as my partner is over 70. They ‘processed’ it there and then, told me I would get a full refund. I immediately was issued with a cancellation invoice showing only 50% followed by 10 minutes later a booking invoice for the cruise. So now I’m in limbo waiting for my credit card to be credited.....or not as the case may be!
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