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  1. It is a valid gift card. Depending on who you talk to in the Spa depends on what you can you it on. Twice I was able to use in on products. I love their Ginger and Lime Body Scrub. It costs $75 so with the gift card all I have to pay is $25.00. FYI - the scrub also sells for $75 on Amazon so anytime I can get it so $25 I won't hesitate. Another two times I was told that I can only use it on their services so since I am not a big fan of facials or massages I usually just bring the gift card home and show it to my non-cruising friends.
  2. Sweet justice is that if they did damage the doors that Carnival would not only ban them for life but send them a bill for the repairs.
  3. We pick mornings because it is nice to come back to a nice clean stateroom in the middle of the day. If we choose nightly service then it means that our cabin has messy beds and a dirty bathroom all day and the only time we get to enjoy a clean room would be only for a few hours at night before we turn in for the night. And while some people say they are never in their cabin during the day we can say that is totally untrue of us. We are always running back to our cabin to brush our teeth after lunch, change our clothes if we get too sweaty, retreat to our balcony if the pool area is too loud and crowded and yes, at our ages of 70 and 72, to take a nap.
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