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  1. We rented a car and drove to the Miami Metro zoo. It was wonderful!
  2. On our 4/15/10 sailing on Explorer of the Seas I brought on a case of water and a 6 pack of diet pepsi. I put a luggage sticker on each and they were delivered with the rest of our luggage.
  3. The ice show was 2 nights - I don't know why the second night wasn't posted....
  4. jsnun

    Bayonne NJ Resident will help with FAQ

    [quote name='138east']Stacy - let us know your plans. If you can hold off eating until the Hartford area, I recommend Rein's Delicatessen at exit 65 on I84 in Vernon, which is about 10 miles east of Hartford. Easy off, easy on - you come off the exit, make a right and make a left at the next traffic light into the strip mall next to the Comfort Inn. Rein's is at the back of the mall. Much better than the usual fast food choices along the way - Unbelievable deli sandwiches, hamburgers, entrees - $6-$12 range. Usually quick service - more like a diner than a restaurant. [B]vernon[/B].reins[B]deli[/B].com[/quote] Hi Carol: I think I will follow your advise and stay in Orange, that way we won't have as far to travel the next day. Stacy
  5. jsnun

    Bayonne NJ Resident will help with FAQ

    Thank you Carol and Meg!!
  6. jsnun

    Bayonne NJ Resident will help with FAQ

    [SIZE=3]We will be driving from Southern Maine for a cruise on April 15 - at first we were planning to take a bus from Massachusetts to the port, but DH thinks we should drive ourselves :eek: We plan to leave after work on the 14 - if we wanted to be 1/2 to 3/4 of the way to the port, what town do you think we should plan to get a hotel in? (We are are traveling with our kids - DS 18 and DD 15) the hotel doesn't have to be 4 stars, but safe for a family. We figure it would be too stressful to leave early in the morning on departure day. Thank you![/SIZE]
  7. jsnun

    Bayonne NJ Resident will help with FAQ

    [quote name='njhorseman']You're welcome. Enjoy your cruise. By the way, I didn't know the answer! I'm not as smart as I sometimes make out to be. ;) You don't have to limit your search to Cruise Critic. I got the answer in less than a minute by googling "Bus from Braintree, MA to Cape Liberty Cruise Port". :cool:[/quote] Well.....you must be smarter than me because I tried googling it several different ways yesterday - I guess I wasn't using the correct terms! (Insert scratching head smiley) Thanks again for your help!
  8. jsnun

    Bayonne NJ Resident will help with FAQ

    [quote name='njhorseman']Is it Entertainment Tours? [URL]https://www.enttours.com/[/URL][/quote] Yes that's it!! Thank you very much!! It has been driving me crazy for the past 2 days - I knew someone would know what it was!! I live in southern Maine and driving to Mass, then taking a bus to the port sounds much less stressful than driving the entire way!! Thanks again :D
  9. jsnun

    Bayonne NJ Resident will help with FAQ

    Could anyone tell me the name of the bus company that picks up cruisers in Worcester, MA or Braintree, MA; (as well as other stops along the way) and goes to the cruiseport in Bayonne? I will apologize because I know my question has been asked before, but I can't find the answer - I've searched this site for 2 days to no avail! Thank you!!
  10. DH doesn't like to travel (cruise or land based) either, thankfully DS(17) and DD (14) do, so I have willing traveling partners for a few more years! I enjoy any vacation where I don't have to cook and clean-up after everyone :)
  11. I have another RCI newbie question...anyone stayed in a 7th floor aft cabin? Considering one for April 2010 out of N.J. Thanks!
  12. Bannda: Thanks for taking the time from your vacation to keep us updated! I would like to take DS (17) and DD (14) on this trip next year!!
  13. jsnun


    Hi Glen: My sister, my kids (16 & 13) and I went on a 5 day Western Caribbean cruise on the Jewel in March 08 - we had a great time, in fact we are planning another trip for February! This was our first cruise so I am not an expert, but I will share our experience! I know food is subjective, but we didn't have a problem - we mainly ate in the Garden Cafe - there seemed to be enough variety for each of us. We all enjoyed the shows. The pool area was full on sea days, but in my opinion that is to be expected since we were traveling during spring break and the boat was full!
  14. Radio I would like to thank you in advance....I too enjoy reading your "live from...." reports and the pictures that accompany them!
  15. jsnun

    NCL Jewel Questions

    Hi Susie: If you check under "East Coast Departures" there is a page for "Florida Departures" which should be helpful to you. My family went on the Jewel for our first cruise in March - we loved it!