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  1. That's pretty funny. My DS would *wear* a suit willingly enough, but I hesitate to spend the money for something he wouldn't wear very much and grow out of too quickly. Thanks for sharing! Renewed
  2. Thanks. FORMAL jeans?! ROFL. And, oh, thanks also for the link to children's activity schedules for the different cruise lines. That was VERY helpful.
  3. Hmmm, I don't remember where I read that. As I recall it was somewhere fairly official. But I've read reams of stuff and I can't remember now! Thanks for the reassurance. I'm one of those types who wants to follow the rules and not get in trouble or have nasty surprises. : ) I think I will go for the dress shirt and pants for him, and perhaps a tie. It will be hard enough to keep the crazy dress shirt ironed so it doesn't look like a complete disaster (no, I won't want to pay ship's prices for THAT). I think whoever thought up the idea of formal night should be ummmm, shown the door. I HATE the formal thing. At least I have an outfit that I'm happy with for me, and DH can just wear his suit (he only owns one!). DD is no problem because she has lots of cute dresses.
  4. We live in WA (new to the west coast), and we are going out of Seattle to Alaska this summer on Rhapsody of the Seas on July 18th. I think this will be a good first cruise experience for the children since we won't have to tack on a tiring plane ride as well. We will drive across WA the day before and stay overnight in Seattle. I think the Seattle to AK cruise will be a great thing for us. Perhaps it would work for you too.
  5. That would be a huge relief. I was a little unsure because of how strongly they state that men will NOT be admitted without a suit coat. (The only other cruise we took, 15 years ago, was pre-children.) Thanks!
  6. I hate to spend the money to buy a suit coat for DS, but I will if I have to. I was hoping I might be able to get away with a dress shirt and pants for him. Is this possible? DS is 9. I guess my question is: How strict are they with children on formal night? We are planning to go to the early seating. My DD won't be a problem because she has plenty of nice dresses.
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