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  1. Subject: above & beyond!! Message: I simply cannot say enough about Peat Taylor & his son, PJ!! See http://www.peattaylor.com. In 2005, I visited Jamaica & found these great reggae dolls. I took a photo of the artist holding a guitar-playing reggae doll. My son, a musician, wanted that doll. So when I heard that my friend, Marsha, was going to Jamaica, I asked her to bring me back one of these reggae dolls. Well...Marsha hired Peat & PJ in Ocho Rios for the day & they helped her find where the dolls were being sold when I was there two years ago, but alas...no dolls. Marsha returned without the doll, but kept in touch w/ Peat & PJ who went OUT OF THEIR WAY to follow up, finding the artist, & arranging for him to make & ship me the doll. Talk about going ABOVE & BEYOND!! I'm looking forward to the day I can return to Jamaica to thank Peat & PJ in person. They are wonderful people who helped a complete stranger with a gift for her son. If they will do that--just imagine how wonderful their customer service must be for those using their services in Jamaica! What great people!! By the way, Marsha said Peat & PJ's services were unbeatable - & she travels a lot & should know.
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