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  1. Here's me and my husband on one of the formal nights last week
  2. I'll be there too! See you in a few hours ;)
  3. I was interested about the hotel in Puerto Vallerta as well - can you prebook or is it just something you show up to? That's an awesome price!
  4. My DH will be the one in Dress Blues! He thought about renting a tux, but he's spent thousands on his uniform..so why not wear it? It's not the most comfortable thing, by far though, so he's not super happy. At least he'll look good ;)
  5. I think my husband's wearing his blues at least one night. He's AD MC. He didn't want to draw attention to himself, but there's no reason he shouldn't wear them since he spent thousands of dollars of them already. Plus, I met him when he was wearing his blues....quite attractive!!
  6. That's such a good idea! We're planning on bringing wine/champagne as the list they sent didn't look very extensive. Is that just for room service though? Love the soda idea - my husband loves this homemade root beer that's around here, and I know he'd love it on the cruise.
  7. Thanks for the info so far! If they are anal about it, how would they know we brought it? Do they go through the suitcases checking before we go on board? I don't want to do anything too illegal haha.
  8. We're brand new to cruising and are going on the Dawn Princess next month! Just a question on alcohol - our travel agent wasn't able to answer some of them. We're big fans of more expensive wine and champagne and would like to avoid buying all of it on the ship. Is there a limit as to what we can bring on the ship? Also, do we have to give it to the ship and declare it, or can we just keep it in our room? Thanks so much for any information!
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