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  1. What should be done is if a person does not get a vaccination and then comes down with the virus then the person should have to pay for any care out of pocket and insurance should not pay for medial costs.
  2. Why pick on cruises?????? What about air travel? More people in smaller space. What6 about sports events??? More people smaller space. What about theater? More people in a smaller space. What make cruising so special about the spread of diseases?
  3. I don't agree with you. Yes there will be a vaccine. There are many in trails now. We almost eliminated Polio my vaccine. Except for the idiot anti vaccine people we would almost eliminate measles. The only thing that will slow down a vaccine are governments.
  4. Since cruise lines did not spread the virus as much as air travel did, why not eliminate air travel or at least make sure that no one is seated closer than six feet. Also, stop serving and food or drinks. Make sure all passengers are not sick of have any temperature above 100. What about sports? Need to reduce that crowds at spotting events to about 10% of current. Also no food or drink sales. What about movie and live theater? Stop it all?? I guess even when that is over and people vaccinated we should all were maskd all the time. And
  5. People are in panic mode. Studies are showing that the death rate could be much lower then common flu. We are going to find out that this lockdown caused more problems then with no lockdown. The study suggests that up to 85 times more people had the virus then reported. All this bull about cruise lines need to change could be ridicules and just shows peoples panic instinct. That is no 5eal thought process, just buy all the toilet paper. https://www.latimes.com/california/story/2020-04-17/coronavirus-antibodies-study-santa-clara-county
  6. So, should airlines only allow 12 passengers per flight? Would you pay 200% more for all these safety requirements people want when there is no pandemic?????? People will not want to pay the cost once this is over. It is like the stupid people that don't want to pay rent and the landlord go broke instead.
  7. I don't think the ESAs should be allowed on any airline, cruise or rail system. Cannot tell fake from real. My neighbor got a certificate online so she can take her dog on airlines. Yet it is NOT a ESA in reality. Because a piece of paper gotten online sys it is she talks on airlines.
  8. Best Europe cruises we have had have been on AZAMERA. Small ships 900 or so passengers and go into ports the larger ships do not. Viking would also be a choice for the same reason.
  9. I agree. That and people that want to iron cloths.
  10. So, how is the cruise line responsible??? You chose to take a third party shuttle. Again, if would lost a foot it might be worth getting a lawyer if it is a few thousand in med bills It will cost more for a lawyer. There are some ports where the cruise line must use local shuttles you need to know this was case. In which case sue the local governmnet that forces there use.
  11. Keep in mind if you sue that only the medical expense that you pay out of pocket (not insurance ) are covered. Since this is not a serious injury you will likely pay the attorney since there is no values to take it in contingency. Also like I said was this a tender operated by the cruise personnel????
  12. What is a water shuttle????? Was it one of the cruise ship life boat used as shuttle to the pier or was it a third party operated shuttle that was not operated by the ship personnel? There are some port where local tenders are used and have nothing to do with the cruise line. If this is the case you need to sue them in the country that it happened.
  13. Execucar will not operate after Dec 31.
  14. Do not take a nap. Sleep on the plane.
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