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  1. We were in D114 just last week (March 15-22). We'd originally been assigned toward the back of the ship (I'm not an expert on cabin choices -- my parents booked for everyone in the family and it was on rather short notice -- January booking for March cruise). I'd heard negative things about being in front, but I have to say that I ended up really liking the location. It was especially fun being able to see the pilot boat crew handle the moorings up-close and watching the passengers get on and off in port.
  2. Hi from San Juan -- we are boarding the Crown Princess tomorrow, and my 8yo DS -- who has been a trooper since our 4 a.m. departure from home -- left his charger for his Nintendo DS at home. We weren't planning on having him use it on the ship, of course, but we'd like to have it ready to go for our long journey home next week (esp. since we experienced some long delays today). He's a good kid and doesn't ask for much, so we are trying to accommodate him. None of the airport shops had anything, and the staff here at the hotel let us go through their big o' box of forgotten chargers, but no dice. Malls in San Juan all seem to be around a $20 cab ride each way from the hotel; I love my kid, but we're not about to blow $40 in cab fare on this endeavor! So I'm wondering if there is anyplace in the shopping areas of Old San Juan or St. Thomas that might carry electronics of this sort that we could try. I hesitated to ask this at all but figured if anyone has run into this situation, they'd be here at CruiseCritic. Thanks in advance.
  3. Has anyone managed to get the Sheraton OSJ for just one pre-cruise night? Every time I check, I'm told there's a two-night minimum. I know someone has managed to get around this -- what's the secret? (We're booked elsewhere so we're covered, but I really want the Sheraton. Just not enough to risk Pricelining it.)
  4. We're first-timers, sailing on the Crown next month with my (barely) 4yo and 8yo. My main worry is a purely neurotic one, that my child will fall off the side. Anything you can do to ease a nervous mom's mind? :D
  5. Disclaimer: Yes, I know it's a vacation! However, my husband doesn't. He is aware that Internet is very expensive on the ship, but he still feels he needs to bring his laptop in the event of a work emergency back home. I feel that since we won't be surfing for pleasure (the Internet, at least), he could just bring some of his files and get onto a ship computer if the office had something that just HAD to be done. Could anyone give us some perspective? We're taking a cruise for my parents' 50th in March (Crown Princess). Thanks!
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