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  1. They have live music in the atrium most of the time. If you just want to listen to the music and don’t need to be down by the bar itself, which is always crowded, there are couches on deck 4 around the atrium. You can see thru the glass railings and are perfect to relax for a while out of the crowds, but still be able to see and hear the musicians .
  2. The exact time you’ll board will depend on what time they get everyone off the ship after it docks, but probably the average time is around 11 if I had to make a guess from my previous cruises. You will board after the wedding parties, Diamond and Platinum, and Suite passengers, but that all moves pretty quickly. Have a great cruise:)
  3. I don’t sail until May, but if things are still crazy by then I think I’ll ask my doctor for a note saying my cough is from allergies and my blood pressure medicine. I think if I sailed as soon as you do a note from your doctor may come in handy if you can get it. Enjoy your cruise!
  4. In the last interior cabin I was in there was no chair, only the stool that goes under the desk. We asked the steward for a chair and he quickly obliged. It all depends if they can find an extra one of whatever you are asking for I imagine.
  5. Just walked up, gave us our name and cabin number last June on the Dream.
  6. And a little hint, I’ve always tipped the server a dollar each drink and they come looking for me to see if I need anything, I’ve never had any trouble getting a server. A lot of people complain about them not coming around very often. I guess a lot of people don’t tip, but I always do
  7. They will give you a card that they attach to your sail and sign card. I’ve usually gotten mine as soon as I started playing on a machine, in just a few minutes the casino host finds me and puts it on my card. One time the casino was really busy when I started playing and I went to the cage and they gave it to me there when they didn’t come to me in a few minutes.
  8. Except we sailed in June, they might have been hard to find, lol. But seriously the glow sticks came in a pkg of 4 for a dollar, so pretty cheap. I just picked it up in the morning so it wouldn’t be in the steward’s way when he was cleaning, and put a new one down when we were ready to go to bed, worked like a charm. Plus we like the room pretty dark while asleep, and you really didn’t notice the glow stick, it didn’t light up the room at all, just the step up into the bathroom.
  9. My husband has some mobility issues and I had a little battery operated night light for the bathroom but I was afraid he would forget the step up in the middle of the night, so I brought along a couple packages of Dollar store glow sticks. The necklace size fit perfectly, just pushed them up against the floor right at the door and they were still faintly glowing by morning.
  10. Just my two cents worth....we were on the Dream in June, our kids gave us the cruise for our 50th anniversary. They also reserved the steakhouse for us on our actual anniversary which was the second night and cruise elegant night and put money on our account since you can not pre pay for it. We were treated so well, and had the friendliest staff. We did receive the free bottle of wine, and we thought it was very good. We received the chef’s compliment, it was a chili and tomato and I could have eaten three of them it was so delicious, but good thing I didn’t because everything was delicious and plentiful! I had two appetizers, the beef tartar and bone marrow, and lobster bisque. We both got ribeyes, my husband the spiced and mine was the cowboy cut, and they were the size of dinner plates, lol. We could not even eat half of it, but our server told us no problem, they would fix it to take back to our cabin. Then we got the cheesecake, and they let us take that back to the cabin. So we left with one covered plate of steak and another with cheesecakes, with two napkins and silverware. Granted our reservations were early, at six, but we are early eaters, and the steakhouse was not crowded. We were at a table for four by the window and it was quiet and relaxing and never felt hurried. We could not have had a better experience.
  11. Just a follow up to this topic after being on the Dream. We had a standard balcony with the usual bathroom, and the toilet seemed to be taller than some house toilets. Also because of the closeness to the counter and sink you can reach right over and grab the sink if you need a little boost. We did receive a riser in our cabin as promised, but we realized we didn’t need it so asked the cabin steward to take it out, so the toilet height was not a problem at all:).
  12. I guess we were all on the same cruise! My husband has mobility issues so we didn’t attend a lot of shows, etc, but I agree the ship seemed crowded at the food venues. I expected it to be, and we tried to eat early so it was really not that bad for us.
  13. Thank you for doing that, I think we were on the same cruise, lol. I was going to post them when I got back and you saved me a lot of work!
  14. We got off of the Dream on Monday, was a four nighter, and there was brunch on both sea days with the new menu. My husband got an omelette and I got the eggs Benedict and we both got the cheesecake for dessert and it was all very good. We we ate at a table with a middle aged couple that were first time cruisers, and they ordered just about everything, they were so cute and wanted to try it all:). The waiter didn’t bat an eye and we had a very pleasant brunch with them. My husband was in shorts and a t shirt and so was just about everyone else....it’s Carnival and breakfast for heaven’s sake, if you want fancy you should book on Viking or Holland America, lol.
  15. Our kids gifted us with a cruise for our 50th anniversary, and reserved the steakhouse for us. They gave us cruise cash to cover the cost of the Steakhouse since you can not pre pay for it. One example of a good use for it.
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