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  1. The certificate says "up to so much" what is so hard to understand about that? You see this often when things are offered free. As I have mentioned, but you do always seem to read just what you want to read, I did miss the "UP to" and was disappointed when charged extra on our last cruise. Now that I found out I didn't pay attention I don't blame anyone but myself. I also think this topic has run its course, so guess it is time to let it go.
  2. We love Modenro's but it seems like they are struggling and some of the ships have taken it out for other restaurants. The salad bar is great and we have been very happy with the meat selection. Some think it is too rare, others not rare enough. WE have always asked for the beef to be rare and have gotten it that way. We do this at the very start of the meal.
  3. You are the exception you must realize, You travel solo, most cruisers do not and you stay in suites; most cruisers haven't even seen a suite. While you are unhappy with paying $2 more for an entree, think about those who do not drink but part of their perk is a bottle of wine. NO program fits everyone. And nothing in life affects everyone without exceptions. What you are doing is basing a perk on you situation and not considering the average person or the majority. I am a senior and I can complain about the entertainment on some ships because they do not fit my likes or my era, but I realize much of the entertainment is geared to the majority of cruisers. Thus I find something that works for me without feeling cheated.
  4. actually our tradition is to eat at the Asian restaurant the first night if the ship has a complementary one. We started this about 10 years ago and have continued it since. The last night we always choose the MDR. The rest depends on how many dinners we get wiht a package plus our Plat plus dinners. Booking Teppamaki's is a great way to start a cruise.
  5. It is still something we paid nothing for. We paid for a cruise. We could have chosen NCL or a dozen other lines; and this has nothing to do with our plat plus perks or any other perks. I used to stay at our favorite chain hotel and use points. I still do but it take twice as many points to get a comp room as it did 10 years ago. this doesn't mean I will change hotels or feel I am getting cheated. As for NCL, they change the perk policy from time to time. All I can see that has changed in the past 5 years is: only 1 bottle of wine instead of one per meal. But they also added internet minutes and a discount on shore excursions. This isn't cutting back, it is re-thinking and making adjustments. My only problem with the extra charge for some entrees is not being aware of it ahead of time.
  6. oh so true. I always look at something like latitude perks as just that. Something we paid nothing for and should not assume we are so special. If you pay for something that is a bit different. What we get, to me, is simply a thank you gift.
  7. newmexicoNita

    NOLA embarkation with wheel chair assistance

    Hubby doesn't have to have a chair to get inside the terminal, but he does from there. I don't know what you do if the chair is needed at the curb. It has been my understanding they only provide chair assistance after you get inside the terminal. At that point the chairs are available and so are the chair pushers. Our names are always on the list. BTW, if you are not sure if you will need one, I would reserve anyway. It is better to be on the list than take a chance.
  8. newmexicoNita

    Help! Snow coming, but I have NCL Insurance

    This is the exact reason we always go to the airport the night before our flight and we always arrive at the port city the day before. We will be leaving here on a Tues in a few weeks for a Thursday sailing. As for being on hold, I was on Monday as well. It had nothing to do with what you were on hold for, but I was on for about 20 minutes.
  9. newmexicoNita

    Cabin for 4 adults

    The curtains don't really separate anyone that much. They are great in some ways, but 2 couples will feel way too crowded in any cabin unless you want to go the suite route. Your best bet, if you want to be close together would be 2 cabins that are adjoining
  10. newmexicoNita

    Speciality Dining Reservations

    getting Le Bistro for hubby's birthday was very important to us so I did give them a call yesterday. We are only 3 plus weeks out and kept getting the reply reservations for 1 only.. I was able to get almost the exact time we wanted and a table for 4. Obviously I am glad I called them.
  11. newmexicoNita

    What’s up with Dawn buffet

    ok, biggest disappointment is the lack of the salmon for breakfast. They have a salmon spread instead. that is the case with all NCL ships the past few years. I have heard you can ask for lox and they will provide them. We haven't tried that. Otherwise the Dawn buffet is pretty much like any buffet: good selection, pretty much the same everyday and run of the mill like a land buffet.
  12. newmexicoNita

    Least Favorite Port

    very true. All they really have is a few nice seafood restaurants.
  13. newmexicoNita

    How free is your drink package, really?

    and why do you say that? I think a statement of opinion is fine if it is backed up by some reasoning. Now I have read your other posts: understand how you feel but still say you are wrong. Of course there are extra charges but still the booze itself is free. As for gratuities you are going to pay them whether you take the perk or buy drinks as you go along or you should anyway. so tell us: if you have say 3 perks with your booking and you do enjoy a few drinks each day what 3 perks would you take if not the free drinks?.
  14. newmexicoNita

    Speciality Dining Reservations

    Haven't read the other replies so I am probably repeating what has been posted. They hold about 50% or according to my TA about 60% of the reservations for those who book when they get on the ship. We always do it that way. We just book as soon as we get on the ship and almost always get the time we want of very close. Don't fret, it will work and yes, I agree with you, it makes no sense. I can see holding some but not as many as they do.