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  1. one of our travel companions we will be with in a few weeks is having trouble with them as well. One of her problems is trying to get her credit for her 3 previous cruises as her last name has changed. 3 times she has talked to them and each time they say they have made the correction but each time something is wrong. One time they got her new name wrong; Got that cleared up but shows her with only 1 cruise: 2nd time got her sailings correct but not the name. And on and on . AS for us, we are plat plus, we will never make Ambassador as we are abut to take our last cruise, and we show all the correct cruises anyway, but they do have us listed as "inside" cabins 1/2 the time. Not that is makes any difference but we have never stayed in an inside cabin on NCL.
  2. Looks like Roxi isn't coming back. Of course NCL is not her favorite cruise line anyway. She got to vent but I am sure she didn't care for some of the opinions.
  3. we usually take it to M&G and share it, mixed with fruit juice. It is a fun way to use the bottle ON its own it isn't as bad as some say, but as expected it isn't first rate either.
  4. love the fondue also. I am a huge lover of the Escargot as well. I have heard the soup are great in Le Bistro, and I am a lover of the lamb chops there as well. Otherwise we usually try something different each time we sail.
  5. I think the O'Sheehan's specialty nights is not a new thing. They did away with that a while ago or at least others have been reporting about this for quite awhile. I don't know about all theme nights, but I am thinking Prime rib night. We will be on the Breakaway in Oct. It doesn't bother us one way of the other as we are not buffets customers, nor do we eat dinner at either place. I realize others will be disappointed .
  6. Inside and very simple. It shouldn't cause her any problems. At least they have been inside for about our last 10 cruises, the last about 6 months ago. As for the casino, you can do it either way.
  7. nothing to worry about, we all have misunderstood a posting from time to time I am sure!!!
  8. Of course that would upset any of us: I do thing even though Cagney's maybe isn't the favorite of all of us and maybe it has gone down hill, but I would say, your experience is probably the exception to the rule.
  9. Those of us who are truly seasoned cruisers and have been sailing since the 70s or 80s realize just what you are saying. It is sorta like the hotel loyalty and the air frequent flyers, perks are not what they used to be. This works pretty much across the board, but those who have only been cruising for since maybe 2000 don't realize this.
  10. no I don't think it is just you: I would never say we have had a horrible meal as you explain it, but I don't remember ever being totally impressed either and it always seems to be very crowded.
  11. with that overall attitude about NCL we too are glad you have moved on. I would ask you about the lousy service for starters but I can imagine how long you might go on about that. As for privileged inconsiderate passengers and less perks, I don't think most of us have any idea what you mean about that.
  12. I am surprised they would say that; we have always gotten back our port charges when we have missed a port for any reason. It is too bad not all agents have all the answers.
  13. Guess what? I too wear my team logo clothes, I too love my football, I too was shocked when we were coming across the ocean in 2006 and there was no football. I was also shocked on an HAL ship when there was no football but the fact still remains, very few would not take a cruise on a ship because they would miss a few football games. Oh and btw our favorite NFL team sucks this year and we know it. still wear my Redskins shirt and jewelry every Sun and sometimes mid week and I live in Cowboy territory. But I think it is time to stop this back and forth so guess I will not chime in anymore.
  14. Yes keep paying attention but it is unlikely they will actually put a sur charge on. I do remember when the plan was introduced. All the cruise lines put some type of policy just in case.
  15. How lucky can you get. I bet you will have a wonderful time and report back with a very positive review. Thanks for sharing.
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